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  • Personal Narrative: Three Pregnancy Test

    I walked into my friend’s house with 3 pregnancy tests. I was hoping the tests would turn out negative and my missed period would show up soon. I ran into the bathroom to start taking the test without thinking much of it. After I was done, time seemed slower and I started freaking out. Waiting for the results was the worst thing ever. My friend went to look at the results and when she looked down at the tests, I noticed her face turn very pale. She looked at me and said, “They’re all positive.” My heart sank, my eyes started to water, and the next thing I knew, my face was full of dripping tears. I started to think about everything that was going to change and all of a sudden, my parents popped into my mind. I thought, How are they going to…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Christmas Game

    It was a cold evening that Saturday. The chill of the wind stung my face when I walked outside. There was a snowstorm moving in. Since the following day was busy with driving to Kansas City and the going to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts game, my boyfriend, Justin, and I decided to take the evening to relax. We made the decision to eat pizza and binge watch American Horror Story on Netflix. Nevertheless, we had to idle away the time before the pizza arrived and decided to go…

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  • Having A Baby Essay

    women 's who would put work over everything. I had two jobs my apartment and going to school full-time. Every time someone ask me, "are you having a baby in the future", I 'll reply with the ridiculous face and say "no! Not ever"! It 's pretty amusing how karma returns the laugh. But I knew a baby wasn 't what I want at the moment. I was focused on school to become a part of the F.B.I. So if I did want a baby, my job requires me to stay out of harm 's way. I couldn 't possible put a baby life at…

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  • Ectopic Pregnancy Research Paper

    Ectopic Pregnancy Pregnancy takes place when an egg travels out of the ovaries and down one of the fallopian tubes joins with a sperm, becomes fertilized, then travels to the uterus where it grows for the remainder of the pregnancy. However, there are times where the fertilized egg does not make it to the uterus to grow and instead it begins to grow elsewhere, this is called an Ectopic Pregnancy. Ectopic Pregnancy basically means “an out-of-place pregnancy”. About 1-2% of pregnancies are…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Pregnant Teenager Essay

    of their lives is true. While teenage parents find their experiences challenging and tough, there are no regrets with whom they become and the bond they create with their child. Everyone wishes that things could be easier so you could have enjoyed your firstborn without the added stress. Becoming pregnant as a teenager can mean a withdrawal of a support system when it’s most needed. Being a pregnant teenager can bring a lack of support from a variety of people-- the general public, school…

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  • Narrative About Failure

    I had been having terrible sharp pains in my abdominal area all day so I decided to take a ride to Christ Hospital to get looked at. After many ultrasounds, I was told that the pregnancy was in the process of being “flushed out” since my HCG levels were very low and they didn’t see anything in my uterus anymore. I cried. I cursed God for doing this to me. I felt humiliated for telling my parents so soon. An avalanche of emotions over came me to the point of not wanting to speak to anyone for a…

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  • Importance Of Attendance In College Essay

    Thou Shalt Attend In high school it was quite apparent that students could receive many absences with little or no consequences and still be able to maintain a good grade point average. However, in college that is not the case. Student attendance in college is important because students who attend class have better grades, have better relationships with their peers as well as professors and develop responsible habits and behaviors. Students who attend class often receive better grades on tests…

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  • Student Test Anxiety Essay

    today experience stress much more than their parents. It can manifest in many different ways. Test anxiety if left untreated can be debilitating for the student. As a teacher, we should foster a safe environment for students to learn. If a teacher could change simple teaching techniques could it lower student test anxiety? Are there coping mechanisms that can be taught to a student that can be used successfully during high anxiety testing situations? The purpose of this study is to test…

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  • K-12 Classroom Observation

    responses in the chart papers; the group of students who received drama-based teaching would use pencil and loose lifts to write down their scripts during the creative drama activity. After the teacher finished the lessons, both of two groups of participants on Day 1 and Day 2 took a test to measure their reading comprehension skills of the story by approaching different teaching instructions. There were 40 copies of the test for both groups of students. The test contained 20 multiple choices…

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  • Informal Classroom

    fails to pass a standardized test or regents exam. Further, it is not fair, for teachers to be criticized based on how well their students perform in their state exams. In addition, it is also not fair for principals to use test scores to judge teachers how effective and ineffective they are? Ever since, the nation has industrialized, we have forgotten how strenuous teaching is and often times, they are not always observed fairly and their accomplishments are also not always acknowledged.…

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