Argumentative Essay On Happiness And Reality

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Felicity, Is it subjective or objective? Do people strive to attain happiness by means of their own understanding of the world? Can it be compared to reality, where we try to base our view of what is real and true as much as we are capable of through own perhaps incomplete reasoning? Likewise for happiness do we all devote our time to obtain that happiness as closely as possible, according to our own understanding or is it all just subjective? Have your heard of a cliché statements such as ‘Mind over matter?’ or ‘Law of Attraction’; what you think is what you get? But before getting further to my topic, I want to first clarify that this research paper is not a discourse about what happiness is but a discussion on what influence happiness and what …show more content…
Why are there different ideas as to the meaning of happiness? The reason for this is diversity seems to be that the concept happiness grows out of an individual’s whole philosophy of life. For example, you can say having a mansion or a Ferrari or money is happiness but on the other hand having a sports car or a money or a mansion does not make other individual happy. What if you have all the riches in the world and yet still something is missing would you still be considering it happiness? Some may say yes some may say no that is my point. Second, I want to find out whether happiness can be influenced by our perception of reality. The problem with the concept of happiness is that it can be viewed as subjective or objective. But aren’t objects just subjectively existing through our own sensory perception? How can you distinguish what is real and what is not real or what is objective and what is subjective. In my opinion, everything is based on own sensory perception. To start off, objectivity plays a part in happiness except from someone else’s point of view because how can you be happy without being influenced by personal feelings. Objective is not being influenced by personal feelings or opinions in representing

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