Diversity In The Classroom

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Surprisingly, I cannot believe this semester is coming to an end. We’ve all worked very vigorously in this class and were given tons of information to carry through our teaching careers. When I first registered for this class, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and how it tied in with education. So as we got underway, I came to understand that educational psychology is the study of how people learn and the knowledge of solving problems every day in the classroom. As time went on, I learned about theories and theorists. Continuous theory is all children attain skills but learn at a different degree and Discontinuous are stages that are fixed and cannot be changed. The theorists were Piaget and Vygotsky. Piaget believes in abstract thinking …show more content…
Diversity can consists of different cultures, languages, ethnicity and race, gender, etc. For instance, cultures can be what they believe in or the traditions they set for themselves. Languages, being bilingual and having to learn English or English as your main language and learning another language like Italian. Other types of Diversity can stem from student’s learning disabilities, behavioral, autistic disorders, gifted and talented to name a few. Teachers need to be able to include all diverse students in their classroom. In doing this, they can provide intervention, small group instruction, technology to accommodate them to meet their needs. If you’re an effective, caring teacher, you should be able to connect with all your students no matter their needs. When we discussed what makes lessons and learning meaningful, I remember one distinctive response that touch me. One of the students mentioned that when we teach students we need to have meaning attached to learning. That is so true! Teachers need to do their best to connect the concept to their student’s everyday life and make it meaningful. If we, the teacher know the material and takes soul interest in teaching the students, then it will make all the difference in the world to

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