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  • Personal Narrative: The North American Hockey Tournament

    best impressions on the ice. What makes the NAHA Tournament so special is the amount of college coaches watching at every game. Every Division I and III team is represented by a coach or scout. So the pressure is on for every game, as every player wants their name to be remembered. The Minnesota Junior Whitecaps started the tournament strong, winning the first four games, and bringing us to the championship game. We all sat anxiously waiting for our turn to take the ice for the biggest game of…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Hockey Game

    Saturday afternoon in December and frighteningly cold out. Becca had gone to the ice rink to watch Ashley skate. Sitting on the bleachers, freezing, wishing her best friend was a gymnast or even a pianist, she reached up and pulled her hat over her ears. She peered through the glass wall, out to the ice, and quickly forgot about her frozen extremities. Ashley’s coach stood scrutinizing her as she sped across the ice, jumped high in the air, spun around into a blur of beautiful colors and…

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  • Vladimir Tarasenko Research Paper

    Vladimir Tarasenko has been deemed as an elite shooter, now he is proving it through the stats in his ice hockey career. He is on the St. Louis Blues, and is a right winger, who has the most points on his team. He is from a city in Russia, called Yaroslavl, where he first learned how to play the sport of ice hockey. This is his sixth season with the St. Louis Blues and his sixth season in the National Hockey League. Vladimir Tarasenko was born in Yaroslavl, Russia (The Soviet Union…

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  • Personal Narrative: My AAA Hockey Team

    percent effort skating for a spot on their winter team in Omaha. Not to mention, their team is mostly the same players every year, so in reality seventy-five percent of these kids played together all year long. Needless to say, when I arrived at the rink I went to the locker room to find the rest of my team just as nervous as I…

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  • How To Achieve Realistic Goals

    achieve that goal, and that 's exactly what we did. It was March 1, 2012. We had just finished walking around the rink to get a sense of where everything was but most importantly where the judges were and what we needed to do to win them over. It was our first nationals as a team, but for our coaches it was just another one. They had the experience and the knowledge of a professional ice skater and what we needed to do to try to beat the other veteran competitors.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Washington Capitals Play Against Dynamite

    On November 23, I went to see Washington Capitals play against Edmonton Oilers. I chose the event because never had the chance to watch a Hockey game. I have seen other sports like Football, Soccer, Tennis, and etc. These past events have some similarities between the emotions and fans they have. Also, I had a great time attending these games and learn the difference between the sports. I got no permission from nobody, and I decided for myself. The only person I ask is my friend Michael and some…

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  • Summary Of A Guy Like Me: Fighting To Make The Cut

    “A Guy Like Me: Fighting to Make the Cut” co-written by John Scott and Brian Cazenueve is a sport memoir that takes us through NHL enforcer John Scott’s journey in life from a kid growing up in St. Catharines, Ontario to playing in the NHL. John Scott is a professional hockey player and graduated from Michigan Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering. Scott has played for the Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Buffalo Sabres, Arizona Coyotes, and Montreal…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Haribo And Trolli

    Candy is a popular food that most people enjoy. The two top competitors in the candy business are Haribo and Trolli. In the Haribo commercial it takes place at a ice skating rink with hockey players and a coach. They describe the gummy bears using a little kids voice. Then in the Trolli commercial James Harden (basketball player) is at a basketball court and he uses his head to describe the gummy bears. The Haribo and Trolli commercials use pathos, ethos, and logos to help promote their…

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  • Skating Analysis Essay On Darda Sosna

    maintaining her balance when completing drills and in game situations. She does an adequate job of using her skates to dig into the ice to create friction to better…

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  • Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Career

    was actually playing.(Josephson) A big influence of his was his grandmother who would sit in a chair and be his goalie while he would put in hours on the ice, even at the age of two.(Gretzky & Reilly 16) By the time Wayne was four, his dad Walter made an ice rink in their very own backyard.(Wayne & Gretzky 16)Wayne would spend hours out on the ice daily.(Gretzky…

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