Visual Analysis Essay On Norman Rockwell

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Rockwell’s paintings are distributed all over the world. His paintings describe different people and situations. I recently viewed different paintings by Rockwell, although some had the some had the same message that was portrayed. Artists normally have similarities between pictures, but Rockwell pictures stand out more because they express extreme realism. After browsing I noticed that Rockwell is very creative and talented. I also noticed not only does he put things into perspective, he also paints pictures very neat in detail. My grandparents played an important role in my life. Therefore, I was drawn to the two paintings of Norman Rockwell that dealt with grandparents: “Gramps and Me,” and “Grandpa and Me fishing.”
I chose the two paintings
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He is smiling very hard in this painting, although the weather has turned his face red. The Grandson is having a great time watching his Grandfather making circles on the ice rink. I think they are both competing and trying to see who can make bigger circles ice skating. His Grandfather is also doing several tricks and sowing off his skills. Ice skating in the middle of the ice rink must be fun for his Grandfather. I can assure that he skates very often. To be able to skate with your Grandfather in snowy weather, you must enjoy the weather. When I visit my Grandparents in Michigan, we do a lot of activities together. I visit twice a year just to spend quality time with both Grandparents. Viewing both pictures, I could relate to the Grandfather and his Grandson enjoying doing several things together. They also include the puppy in their quality time. I feel that Rockwell created both paintings to show different ways to spend time with your loved ones.
The painting “Gramps on A Rocking Horse” was a nice holiday scene. The setting of this picture took place inside a mall or at a local fair. If you have ever gone to a fair before, then you would understand the feeling they both felt. The young boy was excited and he kept a smile on his face. The Grandfather, who lives in the country, seems to enjoy doing a lot of activities with his

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