Personal Narrative: Hopelessness In The United States

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Annoyed, I listen to the loud patter of rain on the roof. Each drop only a tap, but together they make a blaring noise. It's the first time that I have left the U.S., this time to go to Belgium, and not only is it raining, I'm also horribly sick. With snot dripping from my nose; a box of seemingly useless Kleenexes to the side of the bed, the seconds tick by one after the other. Each minute seeming as long as, or longer than, an hour. I lie in bed, with my eyes closed, but sleep does not come, I'm starving, yet on the verge of vomiting. My mother is out in the cold, with rain pouring down, in order to bring back food, and for this I feel grateful. Better to be sick now than later, I conclude, aware of the fact that had I been sick at a different time, there would be no greater inconvenience. For now, I have no responsibilities, but four days from now I will be competing in figure skating on behalf of the U.S., and hopefully by then my weakened state will pass. I know I should practice, but currently I can barely move, let alone figure skate. The dark room feels …show more content…
“It took me a while to find one with instructions in English.” She states, And by now I am helping to take out the board as well as some of the cube shaped pieces. The pieces are rather strange, being very small and colorful. This is somewhat of an interesting design choice because the goal of the game is to build the largest tower of them possible. The game is simple but entertaining and we both enjoy ourselves while I forget about the time or anything else. By the end of the game we put the half eaten pizza in the fridge to eat at another time. Seeing as after the game, it was becoming extremely late, we both decide to turn in and go to bed. As I lie awake a smile crosses my face in contemplation of the day’s events. I slowly drift to sleep, content, not noticing the shift in the weather outside, and how it stopped raining and began to

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