Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Ice Rink

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Today i’m going to the ice rink with some friends. It is a warm day in Dallas, Texas and I need to cool off before heading to the rink. I stop at a gas station to pick up a few things. I have a taste for pizza.
I arrive at the nearest gas station in search of the savory delicacy pizza offers. Most people find it strange but I prefer mushrooms on my pizza. I walk in and the cool air hits me forcefully. I don't have the patience for frozen pizza, though it’s so hot out I could probably cook it on the pavement. Bingo!!! There is a container full of warm and fresh pizza slices. As I reach for the slice of pizza I realize a problem is occurring. Another hand is reaching for the last slice of mushroom pizza! When I reached for the pizza slice I wasn’t expecting to see another person trying to grab it. Then I noticed it was just my friend who
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My voice was the loudest and the worst compared to my friend who’s in choir. I’m in band and I play the tuba. When we arrive at the rink I try to slide gracefully through the door, but ultimately that backfires and I faceplant in front of my crush. She laughs at me with the rest of the rink. I start feeling my face burn and i know i look like a ripe tomato. I never felt so ashamed, I really thought that things would be different. Especially because I trusted the fact I wouldn’t get hurt no matter what. I felt it was right, but I guess I felt the wrong feelings. I guess trust is meaningless when you’re a kid. We left the ice rink when I felt a pain in my mouth. At first I thought I broke a tooth but I was ok. We had a bluetooth speaker with us. My friend started blasting Lil Pump! Then I got embarrassed and fell asleep. So this is my experience from my day. It usually goes very differently but sometimes change is good. I am happy for the pizza and time with friends. Im smiling as i drive home. At home i fall asleep listening to Lil

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