Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Ice Rink

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“Sure bro, I’ll pick you up on Friday for Zumba!” Said Ruben. Little did I know that meeting Ruben would open doors to things that I have never seen before. Meeting him seven months ago at an Ice Skating Rink would change my life forever. Meeting him taught me both that I should branch out to meet new people, and that I should watch who I become friends with.
The day I went to the Ice Rink, was a chilly one. Cloudy, cold, and just enough to make your nose run. I had on a long black coat with a zip up hoodie and no hat, no gloves, and grey unnamed boots on. I walked past a big dome with clear see through glass and the inside was full of melted ice. I saw tons of people get into line inside a heated white tent to buy rental skates that was by
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After many minutes of waiting and anticipation, I carefully step into the ice and try to move forward. I move around in my skates, feeling no solid ground under my feet, and feeling like a giraffe learning to walk for the first time. I slipped and slid, but was determined not to fall even once. Ahead of me was my friend Nathan. He loves to rollerblade and ice skate and he was even more confident than I was that he wouldn’t …show more content…
Anyways Z, how long have you been ice skating, you look really good? This is my first time so I’m scared to fall,” he asked.
“I’ve been rollerblading and just tried to incorporate it into ice skating, so this is also my very first time. Trust time, you’ll get the hang of it very fast. Just look at the kids!”
“You’re right Z, practice makes perfect right? I’m gonna’ keep practicing!”
I nodded and in response said, “I’m sure you can do it.”
After that, they all rode off. The colder it became, the slower time seemed to move as if they were working together in unison. As soon as Ruben rode around and was struggling, his friends were there to help him out. My friend spotted Natalie helping him out and them smiling and talking, and once he saw that, he immediately cut our conversation short.
“I’m going to follow my sister,” stated Henry.
I followed closely after him, and soon found my way distracted and helping out Henry’s little siblings. Within the hour, we left the rink and went to Red Robins to eat. When Nathan, Henry and I entered the restaurant, we had to wait for everyone to show in order to be seated. No sooner than the three of us waited for the others, everyone else came rushing

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