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  • Personal Narrative: Snowboarding

    Snowboarding Imagine walking outside in the winter time feeling a cold breeze come across your face when you come in contact with the crisp fresh air. As I step out of the ski lodge into the cold air, I get a spectacular view of the snow capped mountain. The snow sinks in as I step, it’s almost like walking on a cloud. I begin to get anxious as I walk down the icy slope to begin my first ever snowboarding lesson. When I get to the lesson area all the anxiousness and fear leaves my body and it…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Hockey Team

    Hockey in the desert Ice hockey is a sport almost unheard of in the city of Tucson, Arizona. There is the local college team, the Wildcats, but aside from that you have to drive through the middle of a scorching desert to get to the nearest city with an ice rink. And then of course there is me. Hockey is a big hobby of mine, and sadly I was unfortunate enough to grow up in the middle of a desert where hockey is not a big part of the culture. But that wasn’t going to stop me. My goal was to get…

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  • The Stanley Cup: The Origin Of Hockey

    Origins can sometimes be a difficult thing to trace and understand. That includes the sport hockey. Hockey is a fast paced game played on ice that is very complex and simple at the same time, but the roots of the game are not as precise as other sports' roots. The exact start of hockey is hard to tell because it was not recorded since the beginning and making of the game, but there are also beginnings in hockey that are set in stone such as the first organized hockey game, the first hockey…

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  • International Ice Hockey: The Most Popular Sport

    Introduction For a variety of reasons, ice hockey has reached a point where its growth has stagnated in its most popular countries. In these countries, participation rates are in decline and the popularity of ice hockey compared to other sports is also in decline. Fortunately for the International Ice Hockey Federation, also known as the IIHF, the sport of ice hockey has many countries that are waiting to be tapped into. These countries currently have low interest in hockey but, at the same…

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  • The Geometry Of Ice Hockey

    Geometry of Ice Hockey Geometry is involved in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Many sports involve geometry, especially shapes and angles. In particular, the game of NHL Ice Hockey is greatly influenced by geometry. For example, it is used in passing, face-offs, division of zones, and goalkeeping. Players on the ice manipulate the rules of geometry to strategically place the puck in different areas on the rink. Geometry plays a major role in sports, especially ice hockey, as…

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  • Ice Skating Research Paper

    The best day that happened in school was when the whole 8th grade went ice skating. This was the first trip that we were going to have for the 8th grade year. On this day, I was really excited to go ice skating but i was worried at the same time. We were waiting for the bus to come and then when it did come my friends and I sat in the back and we told jokes, some of us were on social media and the rest of us listened to music. When we arrived to the place, they took us upstairs so we…

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  • My First Hockey Research Paper

    I started hockey when I was in first grade, or seven years old. I wasn’t the greatest when I first started, but I always practiced the hardest I possibly could . The thing I remember the most about hockey was when I was little was going to the ice rink every Sunday morning with my dad, which was the part of hockey that I loved the most. At those practices we always worked on the basic fundamentals such as skating and stopping. Now that seems easy, but it once was very difficult for me. After I…

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  • History Of Ice Hockey Essay

    goal or target, have been played somewhere in the world since the Middle Ages. Ice Hockey is a team sport played on a large surface of ice. Players wear ice skates with sharp blades that glide smoothly along the ice surface. Each team has anywhere from 12 to 30 or more players with at least one goalie. Players are designed to have three forwards, a center, a right and left wing, two defensive players and a goalie. Ice Hockey originated in the 1800s or mid-1850s by British soldiers based on…

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  • How To Play Hockey

    as he did for my older brother Andrew as well. Growing up, my father would dedicate many winter days and nights building and maintaining an outdoor rink in our backyard. The three of us would spend countless hours back there after school and on weekends throughout the winter. Our backyard rink allowed me to foster the skills I needed to excel in ice hockey as a child and I was eager and determined…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Red Hockey Stick

    There, up on the shelf, sits my shiny red hockey stick. The white tape is worn from my last time on the ice. Black puck marks on the white tape stand out and haunt me back to my last competitive hockey game that resulted in a devastating loss. No, it is not just any hockey stick. The stick that now sits and collects dust followed me on a long journey to places including New York City, Minneapolis, and Pittsburg. At times, it would feel me tremendously shaking with nerves and other times holding…

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