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  • Washington Consensus Theory

    Since 1989 when the term Washington Consensus first appeared and throughout its short history there have been various interpretations of what it could signify. It has been described as a new form embodying imperialism, as a tool to undermine states, as the introduction of the laissez-faire economy etc. (Williamson, 2004: 6). Some more crucial definitions that Williamson provides in his historical overview are the usage of the term Washington Consensus when referring to the Bretton Woods institutions (World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund) and neoliberalism or market fundamentalism. The former tend to describe the policies of those institutions along those of the US towards client countries. The later does not seem to reflect the original meaning and it only remains for Williamson to add that the term “should surely refer to a set of policies that command or commanded a consensus in some significant part of Washington, either the US government or the IFIs or both, or perhaps both plus some other group.“ (Ibid: 7). The original list of the Washington Consensus encompasses ten proposed reforms being fiscal discipline, reordering public expenditure barriers, tax…

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  • Mean Girls Analysis

    In other words, it is the tendency of members of highly cohesive groups to ignore information inconsistent with their views in order to stay within the comfort zone of their group’s consensus view. Groups with a groupthink mentality are characterized by an illusion of vulnerability, an illusion of unanimity, the practice of self-censorship by members, and a display of negative pressure towards potential dissenters (lecture). As a result, members rarely propose or publicly accept dissenting…

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  • Chattanooga Ice Cream Essay

    Geographic, whereas his predecessor made self-contained decisions, without consulting others much. As it turned out, Moore’s new, consensus style of leadership did not work well, in part, because the departmental managers seemed to be down in their own functional silos and reluctant to offer much input beyond the borders of their own departments. Contrastingly, however, in private, they often spoke ill of their colleagues and laid blame for the company’s problems on others without much…

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  • Religious Consensus

    Introduction Consensus (ijma) has long been recognised as a fundamental source of Islamic legal norms (Zaman, 2006:153). However, there is no universal agreement on how consensus should be reached and whether it is the consensus of legal scholars or that of the whole community that should be pursued (ibid.). Muhammad Qasim Zaman (ibid.) argues that the doctrine of consensus has been severely challenged in modern times; indeed, one could wonder whether it is at all possible to reach a substantive…

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  • The Liberal Consensus

    The liberal consensus was constructed during an era in which the U.S. was poised to be the worlds singular super power. This was an idealized optimistic image of the United States, promulgated by the beneficiaries of American ingenuity and conquest which was devoid of realism and characterized by its affinity for capitalism, it 's disregard for the disenfranchised and a sense of moral obligation to spread American principles. The liberal consensus was not to last, crumbling in the face of the…

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  • Reasonable Consensus

    Is not better if politicians focused on pure common ground and reasonable consensus instead of throwing to the public just elusive ideals? I personally believe that it is usually better for politicians to reach modest realistic consensus with people and parties around them, and they should avoid give promises for ideals that will never attain just to please those around them and those for limited period time or just to gain short living popularity. Realistically reasonable consensus is valued…

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  • Liberal Consensus

    Americans shared a set of three core beliefs in the 1950s known as the Liberal Consensus. Firstly, all social problems can be solved through economic growth under capitalism because everyone will benefit. Secondly, it is the duty of the United States as a democratic society to stop the spread of communism. Finally, pluralism prevents authoritarian government takeover. Several circumstances reinforced these attitudes: The Baby Boom of the 1940s and a subsequent increase in GNP; the spread of…

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  • Climate Change Consensus

    In a recent poll, it was found that only 41% of the American population believe that the world is being harmed by climate change today, despite there being a scientific consensus that climate change is a proven matter of concern (Wike). Why do such large number of Americans reject the scientific consensus on climate change? There is a widespread misconception that there is a disconnect between scientists on the climate change issue, however the actual disconnect is between the public opinion and…

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  • Consensus Model In Nursing

    Consensus Model Having an adequate legal description on the scope of an advanced practice nurse (APN) in state law is important because currently, each state has its own APN regulations and rules (Goudreau & Smolenski, 2014). The release of the Consensus Model set a uniform standard and guide the regulations of APN across the country (Joint Dialogue Group Report, 2008). However, barriers still exist that hamper APNs to practice to the full scope of their clinical training and nursing…

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  • Essay On Liberal Consensus

    It is true that a liberal consensus dominated American political life from the middle of the 1930s through the last years of the 1960s. The beginning of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, could explain the beginning of the liberal consensus. That is due to the growth in anti-communism. It could also be due to the desire for capitalism. The idea that people wouldn’t be homeless or go hungry. Also, if the President claimed that certain programs or actions would help stop…

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