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  • 9 Horizons Origins Hellas Analysis

    9 Horizons Origins: Hellas Script Synopsis 2.5 (Alternate beginning): Horror/Thriller The story opens up with establishing shots of the mystical, alien world of Angana, including its iconic beacon. The equivalent of sun set shines in the country of Nulla located in Lobania. Koen and Hellas are a father-daughter monster hunter duo in the middle of a job hunting clusters of lesser Blood Eaters. The duo take an entire colony of them with ease and style. Koen states how blood eaters are like weeds and keep coming back no matter how much you get rid of them. Finishing off the colony, the Koen begins photographing the scene as proof for taking care of the problem. Meanwhile, Hellas heads back to their truck when she notices a new notification on the work laptop.…

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  • Loreno: A Short Story

    He could act a little, did it in High School. That was how he met his wife. And it made lying that much easier. “Shut up and don't talk.” The voice was not feminine. It was masculine in every sense of the word. Rough and deep with a biting edge that made him flinch. “You have less than 5 minutes to confess what you did. I have a high caliber rifle with its crosshairs hovering right over your head. And I never miss.” “Confess what?” The man's voice went from exhausted to terrified at the sound…

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  • An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's 'No Hug Rule'

    mother was to never give up on your child, no matter how stubborn he/she may be. Considering kindergarten, the mother relentlessly waved to his son before leaving to school. 2. Yes I do believe that, most parents feel this way when their children are growing up through the time they go off to college and eventually have a life of their own. I feel this way because many parents know that their kids know better as to where home really is and that their mother will always be there for them. 3.…

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  • Ignorance Is Ignorance

    holes in others ignorant arguments. Now to say that ignorance being my biggest pet peeves not at all to say that I do not understand that people are still learning. We are all still learning, It simply suggests that my tolerance for those who are judgmental, arrogant, prideful, and those who would rather pretend a problem does not exist than face it, is very limited. Rather than playing to this idea that “ignorance is bliss” why not adopt the rule that if you don 't have anything smart to say…

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  • The Rushelli Massacre: A Short Story

    ~☾~ I woke up on the floor, a pillow beneath my head and a blanket below my body. I squinted around, trying to figure out exactly where I was. I didn’t recognize the room, but then again, it could be one of the dozens of rooms I had yet to explore in the pack house. I got up and let the things how I had found them, entering the dimly lit hallway. The hallway looked familiar enough so I kept following it until I got to a door I recognized. Beau’s. I opened the door and the second I did arms…

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  • Mob Mentality In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

    Anyone with common sense knows that telling your wife or any other women to shut up is unacceptable behavior, but on page 6, Shirley Jackson writes "'Shut up, Tessie,' Bill Hutchinson said" (6). Usually, telling your wife to do anything along the lines of "shut up" would be unacceptable behavior. Even if Bill did not see anything wrong with what he said, someone would usually speak out against Bill and tell him that he should not talk to his wife or any woman like that. Instead, the others…

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  • Mid Winter Light Short Story

    of icy residue that will pile up until the seasons begin to change. Cars that once drove easily on the grooved pavement now slip and move when jack frost wants them too. Ice paints the sides of buildings as the wind whips it in every direction. Slowly lights begin to shine through the thickness of the falling flurry. The darkness of the vehicle appears shambling down the roughly plowed driveway leading to a small two level cottage splattered with colorful lights and icy silt. Three figures…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Conch Quotes

    The quote from the book, “Here the beach was interrupted abruptly by the square motif of the landscape; a great platform of pink granite thrust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high” (page 13) describes the platform that serves as a meeting place for the boys. It is established early in the book that this platform is a place that they boys always come back to when they hear the conch. This place is one of the only things that the…

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  • Who Is The Narrator In The War Of The World's By H. G. Wells

    the highlighted text to see what kinds of errors you commonly make.) During this part of the passage the narrator and the curate are still inside the house but things are starting to heat up. Make a clearer claim about the narrator’s attitude in your topic sentence. The narrator tells the curate to be still and to stop making noise but this just agites the curate even more and gets him round up. The curate then goes off on a bit of a rant. He says “i have been still for too long” what i think…

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  • Personal Narration: A Short Story

    On Friday, October 21st, 2016, at approximately 10 pm, I sat in my room, on my bed. Numb. Without feeling. Wondering what the absolute hell had just happened. Thoughts running through my mind without being processed. Phone blowing up from others asking, wondering, judging. I was annoyed, irritated, in shock, beyond mad, disappointed, and above all, very intoxicated. Feelings ran through my mind, and yet I simply sat and stared at the white ceiling of my room. Eventually, sleep overtook and what…

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