Shooting Case Studies

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This case involves the suspect(s) attempting to murder the victim by shooting at him with a loaded firearm, causing injury in violation of PC 664/187(a)-Attempt Murder.
LOCATION DESCRIPTION: This incident occurred at the Kings Villages apartment complex located at 1141 N. Fair Oaks Avenue.
• I.D. Technician Padilla #6870, took photographs of the scene and recovered several a bullet casing.
• Firearm.
On 09-25-16 at 2153 hours, Officer Harrell #3441 and I (Unit #3A22) were dispatched to suspicious persons seen smoking marijuana at the Kings Villages located 1141 N. Fair Oaks Avenue. The reporting party advised dispatch that approximately 8-12 male Blacks between 18-20 years of age where seen smoking
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Officer Harrell and I checked the area for any victim(s), suspect(s) and evidence of a shooting. We arrived at the east end of the Pepper Street cul-de-sac and exited our patrol unit. We began walking north into the north driveway at the Kings Villages Apartment Complex. We checked the parking lot and found traces of blood spatter in the parking lot. Officer Harrell and I continued walking north into the apartment complex and found traces of blood spatter near the playground just south of building #14 (apartments 1311, 1313 and 1315). The blood spatter continued along the east side of the playground, and south on the walkway between buildings #11 and #12 to Pepper Street.
Officer Marin #5450, Officer Bluem #1003, Officer Baffigo #0706, Officer Carrillo #1645, Officer Winkler #9511 and Officer Sevesind #7791 arrived at our location to assist. Sergeant Aguilar #0091 and Sergeant Gomez # 3196 also arrived at the location. We secured the area with crime scene tape, which prevented pedestrians from entering the crime scene. Sergeant Aguilar coordinated a canvass search of the area, in order to locate any victims, witnesses and additional evidence. During the canvass search, a bullet casing was
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Doe heard approximately 6 gunshots that came from an unknown direction. Doe looked outside of his upstairs bedroom window which faces north. Doe saw four male Blacks running north along the walkway just west of his apartment (Building #11). Doe saw that three of the male Blacks appeared to be in their early 20’s and were wearing dark clothing. Doe saw them run into apartment #1313. Doe only saw the back of their heads and would not be able to identify the three male Blacks if seen again.
Doe saw that the fourth male Black was running with the above three subjects (Suspect #1). Doe saw that the suspect was carrying a chrome colored handgun in his right hand. The suspect placed the firearm in his right pants waistband as he continued running west past the playground and south through the parking lot between apartments buildings #12 and #13 and out of sight. Doe described the suspect as a male Black, approximately 20 years of age, wearing a white T-shirt and either blue or grey jeans. Doe would not be able to recognized the suspect if seen again.
Doe did not want to provide me with his name or personal information because he believes the suspect and his friends will retaliate against

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