Personal Narrative-Ballball

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“Stand up for what you believe in even if that means standing alone”. When I was younger and got my first opportunity to stand up for myself without anyone pushing me to succeed things didn't go as planned. Although I didn't succeeded I took a lesson from it in the end.

Play ball” the umpire called out as we jogged on to the field. Like every game before I headed for third base. The game begins and I can tell for the start the game wasn't going to go well. “Ball ball ball” an outfielder calls as a ball flies over her head. Another player has a ball roll between her legs. Our pitcher hadn't been pitching the best of games at this point in her life and nothing had changed for this game. All the team tried our best to be encouraging although we were down a lot.

Half way through the game Coach calls out “time Blue”. He marches out on the field with an odd look across his face directed towards me that left me confused but not for long. We all met at the eight foot circle he faces me and said “ Amaya would you like to finish this game for us”. Before I could reply the only other pitcher on the team replys for herself saying “ She has only been pitching for a couple months she can't do better than me. Besides I'm pitching fine it's
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For the first time playing softball I felt nervous since I'd got so acquainted to playing third. Attempting to shake off her comment and the nerves I said “umm …… sure Coach”. Then took the ball and threw only one pitch before I turned back to coach. I told him “I can't do it”. He looked at me with a face of disappointment that burned me deep inside but all the other pitcher could do is grin. I jogged back to third base regretting my decision instantly after seeing both of their faces. Each expression worn on each of their faces made me feel week at first but that changed when I looked at the situation from a difference

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