The Pretentious Young Ladies Analysis

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The genre of the both plays were comedy as they both treated their respected subject matter with humor. The first play ‘The Pretentious Young Ladies’ dealt with the theme of pretentious nature of people, while the second play, ‘The Miser’, dealt with the theme of greediness that plagues many human minds. Considering the sound of laughter abundant among the audience on that day, I consider both plays successful in gaining the response they both aspired to.
In the first play, ‘The Pretentious Young Ladies’, a stunning performance by P.M. Williams in the role of ‘La Grange’ overshadowed quite wonderful acts of others. The character’s charming behavior had me believe in his quest to romanticize with one of the pretentious young ladies in the play. The projection of his voice was good enough for the audience, but it is in his vocal variety and his articulation, that he shines. Every words were uttered by him quite clearly, and his variations in pitch of his tone were well in place with dialogues he had which made me laugh a lot than other characters in the play. His ugly singing voice was hysterical when he sang one of his poems. The way he hopped around the stage was extremely funny too.I was also amazed that Diane Denham could stand straight after the play ended, as she allowed gravity to pull her upper body down the whole part of the first play that required her presence. Her articulation reflected an unclear, but old voice of an old lady. Her low pitch favored her role too. ‘Gorgibus’, played by Mark Bronson, had the voice of a man in a hurry to
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Even with some flaws in scenario in the first play, I remained quite amazed in the seat due to skillful execution of other part of the plays. The direction, technical aspects, and acting in the play all were both good and bad, but I am happy that the flaws are not eye-catching to the audience due to the talent that was involved in the play in its every

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