Personal Narrative: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

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Put one foot in front of the other. One of the most famous lines from the Christmas classic, Santa Clause is Coming to Town. A simple jingle sung across America every year come December 25th. A simple, innate action that billions of people take for granted every single day without even realizing it. The basic ability to walk is the single greatest ability us human's posses, and it is the reason why the human race was able to figuratively climb to the top of the food chain many years ago. On March 16th, 2014, a date carved in stone forever resting in my memory, I lost the ability to walk. I woke up that morning and it was just another day. The temperature was in the fifties, spring blossoms just beginning to bloom, and I got along with my day just as a usually did. As time went on …show more content…
Everywhere I went was a new challenge I had to conquer. However, I was still able to get around and fondly look back at what truly was a once in a lifetime journey across Europe. When I got back to New Jersey, filled with new experience and knowledge of a completely new lifestyle, I continued to do physical therapy every day, every week for months working the muscles back into my leg. This continued for about two months until one day I went back to the doctor for a routine checkup on my progress. I sat there on the moderately comfortable, dull, paper covered, table and he gave me very simple instructions. Put one foot in front of the other-- something so simple, something I had taken for granted for some many years like everyone else. For the first time in months, I had literally taken a major step forward in my recovery. Once I was able to walk, several more weeks of vigorous training led me to August 11th, the first day of high school soccer tryouts. I woke up that morning unsure if I would be allowed to tryout until I received an email stating that I was cleared to return to

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