Assortative mating

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  • Sexual Selection Theory: The Evolution Of Human Mating Behavior

    Human mating is observed in almost every culture, leading us to the diverse world we live in today. This signifies our existence and should be important to us. To better understand this behavior, we can take a look at different explanations which shape human mating behavior. Researching this topic we can find evolutionary perspectives, which delve into topics, such as parental investment, survival, and sexual selection. There is also an opposition to these evolutionary ideas which suggest that evolution may not have to do much with our mating behavior, but is influenced but social norms and libidinous desires. This paper will try to look into these ideas and try to find a conclusive winner, or maybe we will find out that these theories all…

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  • Cryptic Female Choice

    Eberhard. They use some of the behavioural anomalies in these species to look at how females affect paternity such as how females actively participate in creating copulatory plugs as well as physical clasping by the female rather than the male during copulation. They present evidence that female Leucage individuals have powerful effects on whether copulation will occur, when it will end, whether a mating plug will be formed and whether the male will survive the encounter arguing that several…

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  • Courtship Behavior

    larger body size than that of males (Savalli & Fox, 1999). Despite their small size, males are known to have relatively large ejaculates, which act as a source of resources for their mates (Edvardsson, 2007). Although having access to these nutrients provided by their mates is of benefit to the females, it appears that living in the presence of males is costly to female C. maculatus health. Both females who were provided nutrients and those who were nutrient depleted had a shorter lifespan when…

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  • Female Reproductive Pros And Cons

    choosing a mate appeared and had no choice but to choose someone whom they could trust would bring food on the table and security to her and their offspring. Moore and Cassidy think that “female reproductive success is therefore constrained by access to the resources necessary to raise costly offspring.” In order to seek for a mate, Puts tells us that women were competing to be the most attractive ones because more physically attractive women demand greater male investment and other direct and…

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  • The Coquí's In Puerto Rico

    the problems it is causing in Hawaii. The effects the Coquí has on Hawaii and in Puerto Rico are viewed differently and creating many conservational issues that has arisen in both places. The Coquí genus is “Eleutherodactylus, which in Greek means free toes. As the name indicates, this (genus) has no inter digital membrane, which could indicate that they are not adapted to swim. All Coquí’s have disks or pads on the tips of their toes, to help them adhere to surfaces, like moistened…

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  • Drosophila Fruit Flies: Article Analysis

    This review article describes how the mating decision of Drosophila fruit flies is dependent of first the male’s choice to mate and then the female’s choice to accept or reject the male. The article simplifies the mating by the neurobiology behind the male’s choice and then the female’s choice. Furthermore, the article describes how males rely on chemical signals to detect suitable courtship objects and distinguish female flies from males. According to the article, males courtship is based on…

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  • Sexduction Lab

    Illustration of sexduction in E. coli using streptomycin resistant F-lac- recipients and F′lac+ donors Abstract The process in which DNA from a donor cell is transferred through physical contact into a recipient cell is known as conjugation. In the experiment, sexduction, a cross between F′ and F- plasmids, was demonstrated by mixing the donor and recipient, diluting them and using selective plating methods. The plasmids from the donor, recipient and transconjugant were isolated and analyzed…

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  • Components Of Attraction

    is generally the first initial impression we gain of one another and thus may be the only information upon which new relationship partners can base their attitudes toward the relationship and their potential partner (Dion, Berscheid, & Walster, 1972). We use physical attractiveness as a gatekeeper directing us toward partners who are healthy, age-appropriate, and able to reproduce (Weeden and Sabini, 2005). Therefore, we naturally choose to pursue relationships with those who are attractive to…

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  • Social Class In Relation To Marriage Essay

    Positive assortative mating is described as coming together with someone of similar education levels, social status, and those fundamental box-set requirements to form a mutual way of living. Following the end of World War II, it was a common occurrence for women to seek out men of greater wealth and “marry up,” but as women have gained the opportunity to attend equal schooling to men, marriage within social classes is increasingly at rise (McVeigh 2012). “Today 's romances suggest that…

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  • Analysis Of The Universe Is A Single Atom By Tenzin Gyatso

    he is created in the likeness of God, his special moral status or dignity is based on the human capacity of moral choice. People may differ in different aspects, whether in intelligence, wealth, race and gender, but all are given equally the ability to act. Humanity has dignity because they have their free choice (Fukuyama 187). Free choice involves whom to befriend, whom to marry, or do deal business with, what social events to shun and the like (Fukuyama 186). One example of this free choice…

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