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  • Key Lessons Of Rich Dad Poor Dad

    a very little education but knew a lot about business. The author states about the different lessons ho got to learn about financial education from both his fathers. This book focuses on developing financial intelligence. He differentiates between assets and liabilities. He teaches some other key lessons that can be very useful to not only earn money but to keep the money as well. One of the most important lessons that I learned is to be bold. Many times life provides…

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  • Red Flags Case Study

    Red Flags: 1) The significant unusual increase in long-term assets From 2003 to 2007, we can see that Bear Stearns’s long-term assets increased $170,836 (124.96%), while its current assets increased only 16.38%. This is a red flags because long-term assets are usually funded by long-term debts or stockholders’ equity. If a company put too many assets in its long-term categories, its financial flexibility will be impaired. 2) The significant increase in current and long-term liabilities From…

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  • Ambo And Robi-Brga Cooperative Union Case Study

    equity and better efficient utilization of assets for return than Robi-berga cooperative union during the study periods. In generally, as profitability ratios those two unions were not satisfactory as the standard…

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  • Starbucks Income Classifications

    current tax expense being less than current income tax obligation” (Income Tax: Current Vs. Deferred, 2013). A deferred tax expense, a benefit, is either the decrease or increase in the deferred tax asset balance pertaining to through the specified accounting period, from start to finish. Deferred tax assets should be reduced by a valuation allowance if there is a possibility of it not being…

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  • Boston Pizza Swot Analysis 2014

    Pizza Pizza – Changes in Sales, Total Assets, Shareholder’s Equity & Net Income Change in sales: Pizza Pizza’s sales have increased by 5.3% in 2015 to 533.8 million from 505.4 million in 2014, this was primarily due to geographic diversification among eastern provinces which helped provide consistent restaurant sales and stable growth in sales over the past five years. Change in Net Income: Pizza Pizza’s net income increased by 0.871% to 25.23 million from 25.16 million in 2014. The increase…

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  • Balance Sheet Analysis Paper

    (Melicher & Norton, 2013); it can be in the form of cash outlays or owner purchased assets or in the case of corporations it will be in the form three types of accounts, preferred stocks, common stocks and retained earnings (Melicher & Norton, 2013). One of the key things to remember about a balance sheet and is indicated in the title ‘balance sheet’ is the left side and right side of the equation should be equal; Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity (Melicher & Norton, 2013). The Statement…

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  • Theories Of Foreign Direct Investment

    Over the past years, FDI has been growing interest especially in developing countries. Many studies carried out have recognized that FDI has actually supplements the most dominant type of investment and been served as a supplementary source of financing in many countries. This chapter discusses FDI theories and various empirical studies that have been carried out on the motives of FDI. 2.1 Theories on motivation of FDI There are many theories, which attempt to explain the motives of FDI. These…

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  • Sensible Insurance Company Case Summary

    covered salary amount. As you aware, addition of Mammoth Mart will almost double the number of insured lives Sensible covers. In view of the above, I recommend a conservative portfolio for Sensible with the strategic asset allocation for investment as table below. Table 1 – Strategic Asset Allocation No Investment Type Weight Expected Return Weighted Expected Return 1 Short-Term Treasury Bills 40% 4.9% 2.0% 2 Long-Term Treasury Bond 20% 6.3% 1.3% 3 Long-Term Corporate Bond 20% 6.8% 1.4% 4…

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  • Global Business Financial Environment: General Motors Company

    General Motors is very open about its investing procedures but some elements may be hidden to protect its investors in the future. The equity of the organization would be determined by the amount of assets verses the amount of liabilities, as long as General Motors decides to use its capital earned from sales to pay its liabilities their equity would be in good standing. The decision to purchase debt securities would come from the organization determining…

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  • Quick Ratio Analysis: Bob Evans Balance Sheet

    paying ability can be concluded after analyzing Bob Evans’ annual balance sheet and quarterly balance sheet. According to the 2015 April’s balance sheet (see Table 2), the total current assets are 124,195,000 dollar, but the total current liabilities are 153,092,000 dollar. Based on the ratio: Quick Ratio = (Current Assets - Inventories)/Current Liabilities The Bob Evans quick ratio is 0.65, which is lower than 1. That means Bob Evans cannot afford the short term liabilities. Bob Evans should…

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