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  • How To Visit To Georgetown University

    Recently, I visited Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University. Being from a Jewish background, I had never visited Dahlgren before, and found the experience to be very interesting, given that Dahlgren is one of Georgetown’s most famous symbols. My visit, however, wasn’t motivated by a desire to better explore Georgetown’s campus before my soon approaching graduation; rather it was to inspect Dahlgren’s facilities, and to attempt to determine how much accessibility they provide for the disabled. In determining what constitutes acceptable accessibility, I mainly consulted with three primary sources on the matter of liturgical accessibility. The first of which is an article from Faith and Form magazine by Robert Habiger, a well-respected church architect, who discusses the value of equivalent experience in churches . The second source I used was the transcript of a webinar conducted with Mr. Habiger by Anne Koester, Associate Director of the Georgetown Center for Liturgy at Georgetown University. The webinar explores many of the same themes as the article, but expands upon them and places them in a more explicitly liturgical context . The third source I used was an article from the National Catholic Partnership on Disability. It helped me better…

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  • Latin American City Essay

    Paved streets shadowed by lofty trees and lined with remarkable Dutch and Victorian architecture leave an imprint of European style. As one of the tallest wooden churches in the world, St. George’s Cathedral is a manifestation of Gothic architecture featuring point arches, flying buttresses and clustered columns. Adding elegance tot eh space, the colorful stained glass windows depict scenes from the Bible. Securely fastened to the ceiling in the center of the church is a large chandelier…

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  • Importance Of Specific Interests In Georgetown

    My specific interests in Georgetown are three fold: I am interested in Georgetown because of the emphasis it places on faculty mentorship in research, the unique clinical education in cura personalis, and the proximity with Washington D.C. I believe this program aligns perfectly with my professional goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon and scientist, and will allow me to become an excellent doctor. Georgetown provides a unique opportunity for medical education. I plan to take advantage of the…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Georgetown University

    Strengths and weaknesses: Georgetown University is poised for excellence, which is evident in its stringent hiring process, academic goals, and its learning and development activities/ infrastructure. Based on the four stages of learning and development maturity, GTU prides itself in producing outstanding students and recruiting well renowned faculty in his/her respective field of expertise. Since GTU 's inception, 1789, it has maintained consistent formal learning and development…

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  • Medstar Georgetown University Nurse Personal Statement

    It is an honor to be considered for the residency program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. For the last 24 months, nursing has become the primary focus of my life. My hope, is that I will continue dedicating my life to this profession through a career at Georgetown. Prior to graduating from Northeastern University’s ABSN program, I completed over 600 hours of clinical education at various hospitals in the Boston area. This education included a 150-hour preceptorship on an intermediate…

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  • Why I Want To Go To Georgetown University

    I am interested in joining Georgetown University for two main reasons. Firstly, Georgetown University offers me the freedom of choice and guidance in choosing my major. Back in Madagascar, students have little or no choice over their future, as all the learning is already packaged with a strict manual to follow. Teachers and school officials offer the material on a plate and provide no additional support unless externally paid for. As a result, despite having good grades, students often ended up…

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Goals At Georgetown University

    that Georgetown University exemplifies. It was after two service trips to West Virginia, tutoring underprivileged children once a week, and being part of my school’s Community Service Corp’s that I realized just how integral a part of service is to who I am. Service is not a one-way street, but rather it is about literally helping others…

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  • Aristotle's Comptiveness

    The culture at Georgetown has one major issue that needs to fixed because it poses a moral problem. This problem is the competiveness of students at Georgetown. Most students feel pressured into getting the best grades or being included in the best clubs. If they are not apart of these clubs, then they feel left out or have hard times finding friends. Students will spend hours in the library in order to study for a test because they feel that they must be better than other students. Georgetown…

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  • Why I Want To Go To College

    School of Business at Georgetown University emerged as the best choice for me. For many years, I had an interest in math in which I chose finance. I love numbers, solving problems and being social. Finance is dreams without waiting to either saved the money, or be lucky and receive it from your parents. It interests me because it was important for you to use the skill of communicating and mathematics. Also, friendly conversation and being logical to have effect on others. So having education,…

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  • Summer Resident Assistant Case Study

    If given the opportunity to serve as a Summer Resident Assistant, I will combine my love of Georgetown University, knowledge of Washington, DC and my experiences in summer residential life to empower Gewirz Residents to make the most of their summer in DC. By providing housing in a secure and supportive environment, Georgetown empowers people from around the world to pursue educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom in one of the world’s most important cities. As an…

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