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  • Georgia O Keeeffe Influence

    On November 15, 1887, Calixtus O’Keeffe and Ida Totto’s lives were changed as they were granted with the gift of their baby girl, the second child out of seven future sons and daughters. They named her Georgia, after her Hungarian grandfather, George Totto (“Georgia O’Keeffe Biography,” 2016). Little did they know, their infant would become well-known as she grew older. Georgia O’Keeffe created astonishing and inspirational artwork, utilized the Habit of Mind, Thinking Interdependently, to innovate ways to inspire others, and illuminated the artistic field (“About Georgia O’Keeffe,” 2017). Georgia O’Keeffe was famous for her flower paintings, beautiful cityscapes, outstanding landscapes, and images of bright bones against the desert sky. She…

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  • Georgia O Keeffe: Mother Of American Modernism

    want to give that world to someone else.” Georgia O’Keefe played a crucial role in the development of American modernism art. She sought to capture the power and emotions of objects through abstracting the natural world. Georgia O’Keeffe lived for almost an entire century. Born November 15th 1887 and died on March 6th 1986 at the age of 98, O’Keeffe survived two World Wars and the Great Depression. She was an iconic artist in American modernism, best known for her paintings of enlarged flowers,…

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  • Georgia O Keefe: An American Modernist

    Georgia O’Keefe was born the second of seven children near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on Nov. 15, 1887 (“Georgia O’Keeffe: About the Painter”). From the age of 13 (Stabb), she knew she wanted to become an artist, and she began her art career in 1905 by studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. She continued her education a year later at the Art Student’s League of New York. After working in Chicago as a commercial artist for a while, she moved to Texas to teach art (“Georgia O’Keeffe: About the…

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  • Georgia O Keeeffe America Analysis

    For Georgia O’Keeffe America was her canvas. The vibrant colors of her life and legacy left brilliant marks on history and how we view American art and artists today. As a small girl from Sun Prairie Wisconsin no one expected her to become as successful as she was (Unknown B 1). With the help of her husband, Alfred Stieglitz and her talent she went on to create masterful works (Unknown B 1). O’Keeffe once said, “To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” (Unknown F 1). From her…

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  • Essay On The Removal Of Native Americans

    ethnocentrism of the American nation overshadows any tiny Indian tribe deemed inferior. The Indian Removal Act, signed into laws by Andrew Jackson and congress in 1830 ratified an agreement to move all Native tribes west of the Mississippi in exchange for the lands they currently held. The exchange that Andrew Jackson had proposed in December of 1829 was a voluntary transfer, one that must be ratified by both parties and could not forced upon the Cherokee. However, Jackson made it clear that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lian Yu's Suicide

    When I was 18 I was forced out of my house, my village, my island. Lian Yu was my home for 18 years before I was forced to leave. My island was run by soldiers controlled by the corrupt government. We were heavily watched and had no connection to the outside world. It had been 5 years without a mother or a sister, my sister committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the burden of life, and my mother passed from a sickness she had received when working. Lian Yu was a difficult island to live…

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  • Pueblo Revolt Research Paper

    THE PUEBLO REVOLT In 1680 the people best-referred to assemble as "Pueblos" opposed their Spanish overlords in the American Southwest. Spaniards had commanded them, their lives, their territory, and their souls for eight decades. The Spanish had set up and kept up their control with dread, beginning with Juan de Oñate's attack in 1598. At the point when the people of Acoma opposed, Oñate requested that one leg be cut from each man more than fifteen and consequently the rest of the populace be in…

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  • The Influence Of The American Flag Protest

    being walked across. How does a protest group justify walking across the American Flag? I cannot fathom what one thinks they would prove by performing such an act. This disturbing and controversial attack on the flag lead to flag-stomping protest across the nation and on public social media. The American Flag stands for freedom and no group of protesters can take that away. To have someone desecrate the American Flag they should punish these people by nothing less than sending them to a country…

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  • Analysis Of Dr. Martin Luther King's Fight Against Injustice

    Injustice reaches all corners of the earth no matter the generation or content. Leaders such as Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., have placed their life on the line preaching the importance of fighting injustices that affected oppressed communities across the globe. In the case of Dr. King, his courageously fought for racial equality and basic civil right for black Americans in the 50’s and 60’s through the use of non-violent tactics, such as sit in, boycotts and peaceful protest . Despite the praises…

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  • Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson

    Nowhere in this act did it say that the natives would be forced by gunpoint to leave so the executive branch did a bad job and going threw with the law and should have been checked or had the bill vetoed.”In the fall of 1838, the U.S. government, now under Van Buren, ordered the forcible removal of the Cherokees from Georgia to the Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma”(Aboukhadijeh). The government should have not forced the cherokees out of their home because they had no business to ask…

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