Essay On The Battle At Horseshoe Bend

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The battle at Horseshoe Bend although obscure to most Americans had a great affect the expansion of of America. The Louisiana Purchase of 1808 already showed the greed and appetite for land from white Americans and their need for individual property. However, with all the land the United States received from the purchase they could not move on the land because it was not really theirs as long as the five tribes were on the land. It was not until the battle at Horseshoe Bend that coveted land the Creek and other four tribes own that America would get the land it so desired. Three things assisted in the expansion of the United States after the battle at Horseshoe Bend. The first significant event was the massacre of the Creek tribe thus …show more content…
The United States used the act at Fort Mims to justify a reason to go to war with the Creek Nation, however, when telling the story of the incident key information was left from the report. The newspapers failed to state that most of the people killed at Fort Mims were Lower Creek cooperatives. Fort Mims was a ploy used to bring about the change the United States really desired. As noted by the Tennessee historical quarterly “ An additional motivation, perhaps the key one for fighting a war against the creeks lay in the fact that a victory over the Creeks could lead to the acquisition of their much coveted lands and rivers”. So on the 27 March; Jackson started his attached on the Creek people. By his own account, he was there to destroy the Creek nation by any means necessary. “The battle now took on the aspects of what Jackson biographer, James Parton, called a “slaw, laborious slaughter.” Creek trying to escape was brutally murder as they ran from the burning barricading or while they tried to cross the river. The barbaric manner is which Jackson’s men did their business throughout the night was seen as a night of horror. Jackson’s maneuvers at Horseshoe Bend made him a hero to Americans, but sent a different message to Native Americans. His message was clearly do not try and fight against the United States or you will be destroyed without compromise. The message of the Creek trying to protect their culture, traditions and land was lost and they were seen only as salvages and every Indian after the Creek killing was now being seen as uncivilized salvages that had no

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