War Of 1812 Essay Outline

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The War of 1812 was started when the Indian problems merged in with the Britain. Between 1809-1812, President James Madison had been on fence about who was going to be America’s primary enemy, Britain or France, as both countries were attacking U.S. ships. In 1809, Madison’s Non-Intercourse Act was reneged, the act had declined any trade with only France and Britain and their colonies, in doing so it opened up some other trade routes that would help alleviate the economic distress of America’s working people. By 1811 though, the country had been divided and on the verge of all out war. At the same time, in March of 1811 the new Congress had obtained a handful of Republicans from the West and South, which would be known as the War Hawks. A couple of these men welcomed war against Britain so they could justify their attacks on the Indians and end impressment. The others were expansionists looking to occupy …show more content…
I don’t understand why we were so quick to want to start war with Britain or France? Britain is understandable, but I don’t believe there was any reason to want to start something with France, but maybe I’m not as informed as I should be on that topic. Also, why didn’t America try to talk over this whole embargo on goods thing, in the long run we were only hurting ourselves because not allowing to send our goods to these certain regions would just be taking money and capital away from us. If we were knew we were going to declare war on the country, why not pull the embargo, and put the money that we were making from sending our goods through Britain and put it towards our armies and battle plans. I’m just spit balling here because I know for one, it doesn’t matter because the war is over, and two, if we did it like that there probably would have been way more bloodshed and problems and it would have done more harm than

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