Compare And Contrast The Revolutionary War Between 1812 And The War Of 1812

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Numerous wars throughout this country’s history have been fought for similar reasons yet each war is very unique. The Revolutionary War that spanned from 1775 to 1783 and the War of 1812 are just two prime examples of this. Both wars were fought with Britain as the opponent, yet they each come with separate reasons for initiation. The Revolutionary War was brought upon this country by years of both physical and political British harassment to the colonists. The people lived under British rule for generations with little enforcement, but suddenly that was all changed. The colonists grew angrier and angrier with the British over the years, which led to many small battles and protests. The collective frustration of the colonists inhabiting the thirteen colonies continuously grew larger until they finally decided to stand up for themselves. …show more content…
Years later even after separation from the British crown, Americans still sensed England’s presence in the country. The War of 1812 came to be due to the firm grasp Britain strived to keep on America as well as the unjust actions made against America preceding the war. Even with a Declaration of Independence and a written Constitution, the Americans could not fell free until after this war. As an independent nation, Americans demanded to be treated as exactly that, which required for Britain to discontinue striving for land and control completely. This included lifting its barriers on French trading ports, stop seizing American ships and ending discussion with the Native Americans who were ordered to attack. Both wars, though they presented differences were found on the grounds of probable causes and are extremely important to the history of

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