How Did James Madison Won The War Of 1812 Dbq

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James Madison was elected fourth President of the United States in 1808. When he became President, Madison inherited the same foreign policy problems that went unresolved while he was Secretary of State when Thomas Jefferson was President. Madison was personally opposed to war and he did everything in his power to avoid it. First, he repealed the Embargo Act of 1807 which made illegal any and all exports from the United States and replaced it with the Nonintercourse Act. The Nonintercourse Act allowed trading with the United and all other nations with the exception of France and Great Britain who were fighting amongst themselves. The following year, Congress passed Macon’s Bill Number 2 which opened trade for whichever nation, between France and Great Britain, was the first to recognize neutrality with the United States and would cease attacks on American ships. Madison’s hands were tied and he had to enforce the act. France acted first to offend the British thus furthering British attacks on American Ships leading to the War of 1812. …show more content…
It especially had an impact on the people of the New England states where a majority of the people still held onto Federalist beliefs. The impact was so strong there was a push to have the New England state secede from the rest of the United States and negotiate on their own with Great Britain. Delegates met in Connecticut to discuss seceding when, fortunately, they received news that Andrew Jackson had led a smashing victory against the British troops in New Orleans. Thus, this made the American people lose faith in the Federalist political stance and that was the eventual end to the Federalist political

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