To What Extent Did Thomas Jefferson Win The Election Of 1800

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When Thomas Jefferson became President of the United States in 1800, he entered as a Democratic-republican in a federalist government. Jefferson brought about political diversification, and economic change while dealing with foreign and domestic relations.
The election of 1800 pitted Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr against each other. Jefferson believed in an agricultural society and small government. Burr fought for the continuation of big central government. When Jefferson won the election it was significant because of a smooth change in political parties, where the transfer of power was uneventful. During Jefferson’s term, the Alien and Sedition Acts expired. These were set up by Federalists in retaliation to the Democratic-republican
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In 1803, Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the states. While Jefferson was splitting hairs over the constitutionality of the purchase, many Americans had begun the journey west. The Louisiana purchase doubled the country’s land mass for 15 million. In order to survey the new land, Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition on May 14th 1804. Lewis and Clark, along with the help of Sacagawea, explored the new territory, and made numerous discoveries.
There was a war going on between Britain and France, and both countries forbid America to trade with the opposite country. Jefferson and congress responded by issuing the Embargo Act. This forbid trade with any European nation, and it crippled America’s economy. Jefferson overestimated France and Britain's reliance on America. Eventually, the Embargo act was repealed, and replaced with the Nonintercourse act.
After the Nonintercourse Act, Jefferson’s term was over, leaving behind him a faltering economy, the threat of war with Britain, and a weak military. Jefferson didn’t really change the government that much, often Jefferson was replaced by Madison in

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