Manifest Destiny: A Turning Point In American History

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The Great Move
(My opinion of why manifest destiny was a turning point in American History) American history has been debated time and time again. Everyone has a favorite time in history and often hold their own opinions about the events that take place. From the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America to the Revolutionary War that brought forth the great American dream, many things were innovated and changing. A new task, the task of moving west, started with Lewis and Clark and the great expedition that proved that moving west was in fact safe. As Darren Dobson said in his academic journal titled Manifest Destiny and the Environmental Impacts of Westward Expansion published in 2013, “Underlying Manifest Destiny, was the promise
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Aside from the glitches of conflicts, Manifest Destiny really grew the United States. Of course, the nation added land, but it also gained knowledge and earned wisdom. People experienced so many different ways of life from moving west and they developed the diversified culture that exists today. In addition to that, many new inventions came about. The use of tractors and new farm equipment was essential to the growth and survival of the people on the plains. That forging of the future not only benefited the farmers or the settlers, but also the manufacturers in the North and East who developed those tools. In addition, Manifest Destiny was important because it turned the U.S. into an experienced soul. By the time that the Louisiana Purchase had been bought, several conflicts and even a war had taken place. The population of the nation at that time was extremely small and limited to a small area. With westward expansion, the U.S. had to fight more internal conflict which developed them into having more wise and reliable leadership. That was why it can be classified as a turning point. Manifest Destiny turned the United States from a young power into a wise father like figure who shadowed the good of the people …show more content…
First, Manifest Destiny founded the American work ethic and dream because of the Homestead Act challenging people to move west. It also built the melting pot theme of the United States because many different cultures took part in coming to the U.S. and moreover in westward expansion and Manifest Destiny. Second, the U.S. grew because of its conflicts with natives and equality. People started to play the game of challenging the power and solving internal conflicts. Last, Manifest Destiny can be classified as a turning point in American History because it challenged the nation to grow, change, and use innovation as its friend. Because of Manifest Destiny, the U.S. grew and changed more than it ever had in many more ways than

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