Essay On The First Seminole War

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The First Seminole War happened in the years of 1817 to 1818 between the United States and the Seminoles of Florida. The first Seminole War was a punitive journey led by Andrew Jackson into the La Florida, which was a Spanish colony in 1818. Many are under the impression that the United States were responsible for the cause of the war and everything that happened in the war, when in fact both sides were responsible for the war, and both were equally to blame for the consequences of the war. The Seminoles were actually the Creeks who had escaped from being slaves in the Northern colonies. They spoke the Mikasuki language and consisted of several different Indian tribes. Their life centered around their clans and communities. The chiefs were chosen from a hereditary line from the women’s side of the family and the chief also stayed with his wife’s family. Their diet consisted of corn, beans, squash, and animals including: deer, rabbits, and wild turkey. The term Seminoles comes from the Spanish word “cimarron” which means wild men. They were allies of both the British and the Spanish and occupied lands that be accessible to unfriendly European empires. The Seminoles had weapons including: clubs, knives, bows and arrows, spears and axes and then the British introduced them to rifles and muskets. Most of the Seminole population consisted not of red men but of black runaway slaves. The Seminoles were …show more content…
Marks was Ambrister and Arbuthnot, since they were accused of aiding the Seminoles. Ambrister pleaded guilty and was given a punishment of fifty lashes and one year of labor. On April of 1818 Ambrister fell before a firing squad and Arbuthnot was hanged from a ship 's yardarm. When Jackson heard that Indians were being supplied by the Spaniards, he marched to Pensacola and reached on May 23. The Americans attacked at night, and in the end the Spanish governor accepted Jackson’s terms and for Jackson the war was

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