Strengths And Weaknesses Of Georgetown University Essay

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Strengths and weaknesses: Georgetown University is poised for excellence, which is evident in its stringent hiring process, academic goals, and its learning and development activities/ infrastructure. Based on the four stages of learning and development maturity, GTU prides itself in producing outstanding students and recruiting well renowned faculty in his/her respective field of expertise. Since GTU 's inception, 1789, it has maintained consistent formal learning and development activities—this is GTU 's forte. However, making use of the enterprise learning process will position GTU to offer sporadic learning activities in addition to informal learning where staff will have access to on demand learning at his/her preferred time and place and when most needed. Competency to address: Technology literacy is the competency needed based on the needs assessment; although there are many more as indicated in the diagram below. Since, the L&D must be knowledgeable in technological trends, it is equally important to be familiar with emerging trends in the workforce that focus on performance, engagement, sharing knowledge and the approaches and tools, and skill sets needed to initiate change management. According to Rosenberg, (2006) a review of the various software to initiate knowledge sharing is a "hallmark of the smart enterprise (p. 157)," and the fourth stage of GTU’s learning maturity.
Competencies required are, Solution: This learner is proposing the…

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