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  • Arlington National Cemetery Essay

    Arlington National Cemetery, is located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. extending over 1,100 acres of beautiful manicured grounds in Arlington, Virginia. It is the eternal resting place for over 275,000 United States armed forces. Members which served, fought and protected our country and our rights so that we could have our freedom that we so kindly have. Other graves sites are given for family members who were closely related to an armed forces member. My soul purpose for choosing the Arlington Cemetery, is because my Great Uncle and Great Aunt made a life long career serving in the army particularly throughout WWII which they procured an honorary burial. I also chose the Arlington Cemetery because of it’s dedication to…

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  • Arlington National Cemetery Research Paper

    John Parke Custis (also known as Jacky when he was younger) was a very successful and a bright man. He had a famous mother named Martha Washington. Custis was only four years old when his mom married George Washington. When Custis grew older, he was serving in George Washington’s army. After some time, he died while serving the army so the Arlington cemetery was passed onto Custis’s son, George Washington Parke Custis. George Washington Parke Custis named the land Arlington. In 1804, Parke…

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  • George Washington Influence On Martha

    After George Washington accepts the position of Commander in Chief to the Continental Army, “Martha was forced to assume a public role as a symbol of the patriotic cause… [and was put in danger now as] a potential target for British assault.” As British intelligence learned of the new rebel leaders, their families were put at risk for potential kidnapping to be used as hostages. While no attempt is known of an attack on Martha, the fear alone can represents the turmoil women were put through…

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  • Abigail Adams Influence On Early American Women

    During the development of the United States, a woman’s role was set out for her through marriage, forcing her to follow the life her husband chose to lead for himself and, therefore, his family. The Patriarch system from England transferred over to their society early on, setting women below men. Women are rarely noted for their successes and involvement in main events during the colonial and post-war times of America; yet, women were directly and indirectly essential to the success of the…

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  • A Short Summary Of Williamsburg

    Death of Martha Washington The chapter that states the mysterious death of Martha Washington, starts off by explaining her biography. Martha Dandridge, who was born to a wealthy tobacco planter, lived happily in Central Virginia. Her first marriage was to a man named, Daniel Parke Custis, whom she had met at a gala affair held in the Governor’s Palace. The Custices, who eventually had four children, lead lives filled with grand balls and parties. However, this happiness slowly deteriorated as…

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  • Biography Of Martha Dandridge (Custis) Washington

    Martha Dandridge (Custis) Washington: Martha Dandridge (Custis) Washington was born on the Chestnut Grove Plantation in New Kent County, Virginia on June 2, 1731. Although there is no surviving records tradition describes her as a small woman, less than five feet tall with dark brown hair. She was fiercely dedicated to her country and served in a myriad of ways. In 1750 and at the youthful age of 19, Martha married Daniel Parke Custis. Together they resided at a mansion known as the “White…

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  • George Washington Biography

    Our first president, George Washington’s, birth took place on February 22, 1732. Washington’s original birth place was in Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Washington's birthday is strenuous to figure out because he was born twenty years before the introduction to the calendar. Americans honor Washington's day of birth the Monday before his actual birthday. When Washington was eleven his father, Augustine Washington, died leaving most of the property to George’s older brothers.…

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  • Similarities Between Indian Independence And American Revolution

    Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, and the Townshend Acts to raise money rather than try to control the trade with already enraged Americans in the colonies. Tensions increased further after Parliament passed the Coercive Acts and the First Continental Congress took the first steps toward independence from Britain. Before the colonies gained independence, they had to fight a long, cruel, and bitter war. The Revolutionary War: The British had many advantages in the war, including a large, well-trained…

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  • Shay's Rebellion And Shays Rebellion

    At this time, many government officials and other agreed that a change was very much needed in order to act and function as a proper and organized government and country. Everyone also had their own thoughts on the things occurring during this time. Shays’ Rebellion occurring just three years after the American Revolution brought many hardships to the government and economy. George Washington wrote to Henry Knox speaking on the events happening such as Shays’ Rebellion. He states that he could…

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  • The Main Differences Between Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

    The main differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson lie behind what they thought the principle of government was. According to Hamilton, government was needed to protect individual liberties. Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party also known as the Hamiltonians, who strongly supported his ideas. They believed in order for Americans to be free they needed a strong central government ran by well-educated people such as Hamilton himself, to protect individual liberty. “He…

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