Influence Of George Washington

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George Washington: Early Influences That Made Him A Good Revolutionary War Leader:
General George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He played a masterful role in the victory of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Events in his earlier life, along with his lack of traditional education enhanced his leadership skills, and strengthened his determination, which ultimately led to victory (
His great grandfather, John Washington, moved from England to Virginia. He was a very prominent figure in England, who was even granted land by Henry VIII. His father, Augustine Washington, built mines and grew tobacco. Augustine’s first wife, Jane Butler, passed away in 1729 and in 1731, he remarried
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However, the last straw was the enactment of the Townshend Acts of 1767. The Townshend Acts were a series of four acts imposed by the British Parliament to assert its authority over colonies. They did this by adjourning the colonies’ uncooperative Assembly, and by imposing stricter collection of taxes. In 1769, the first attempt at resolution was taken by the colonies. They suggested boycotting British goods until the town shed acts were revoked. After the failure of the boycotts, The British passed the Intolerable Acts, a series of penal laws in response to the Boston Tea Party. In 1774, after the intolerable acts were passed Washington call for the first Continental Congress and use of “armed resistance” is resourceful action. After Lexington in Concorde, the first military engagements of the revolution, Washington went to the second Continental Congress saying he was ready to fight, and in June 1775 he was appointed Major General and Chief of the Colonial Army. Many factors contributed to the selection of Washington as the leader. Those factors include his military experience, his involvement in the continental congress, his determination, smarts, strategically oriented thinking, and courageousness. Additionally, there were political factors as well. Firstly, the revolution began in New England, and they needed to gain southern support. Additionally, since Virginia was the largest British Colony, the …show more content…
Both armies then moved to New York City, where the British had a new commander, Sir William Howe, a leader who put together the largest British army to date. In August of 1776, the largest battle of the war took place, Washington lost 2,800 men, and retreated across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. However, the Americans were not done. Believing that he would soon win the war, General Howe stationed his troops in Trenton and Princeton for the winter, leaving them mortally exposed. This would give the Americans the advantage of a lifetime. On December 24, 1776, General George Washington led his army across the Delaware River and surprise attacked the British army at Trenton, where the British surrendered. After avoiding British retaliation, Washington attacked the British forces at Princeton, but suffered a terrible loss

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