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  • What Role Does Religion Play In The Middle Ages?

    British Empire again. Arnold planned to lose West Point to the British for the price of 20,000 pounds. Fortunately his planned was foiled before getting to sabotage the Colonists because of the capture of the middleman between Arnold and the British. Patrick Henry was also a prominent figure during the time. He was the one that coined the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death.” He strongly supported for the colonists to have the right to bear arms. He was also the leader in every protest fighting for the rights of the colonists. He served the colonists for thirty years doing all he could to give us the rights he thought that we deserved. George Wythe was a man that not everyone has heard of in our day but during his time he was very famous. He was the teacher of Thomas Jefferson and played a large role in helping mold our country. Wythe designed the first Virginia constitution and also helped create the seal of Virginia. He held many prestige positions during his life including first college law professor and being the attorney general. Unfortunately, he shared the fate of…

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  • Roles In Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

    the Louisiana purchase, and the principal writer of the Declaration of Independence, was born in 1743 (Cunningham 592-593). Over the years, Jefferson committed his life to America which included its independence and prosperity as a young nation. Thomas Jefferson’s early adulthood was very interesting. Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary in the 1760s. During his enrollment at the college, Jefferson was known to be a very studious young man who spent “15 hours of the day with…

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Capitol Building

    inaugurated with a commemorative coin. This ostentatious building desperately needs to be recognized. After all, this was the birthplace of Williamsburg. Incredible people came here to synthesize the newest nation that we have now evolved into today. This building has historical significance, the citizens love this building, and it relates to the mission statement. It also has the most imperative heritage. But why is it important and why should you select it. This two story configuration was…

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  • The Importance Of Inaugural Addresses

    ” Will believes that “the general shortening of sentences reflects, in part, a change in nature of Inaugural Addresses.” He refers to Teddy Roosevelt who called the presidency “a bully pulpit.” Later addresses have had an incentive to tell Americans how to behave with phrases such as “The only thing we have to fear…” and “Ask not…” A more popular phrase which was used by Kennedy and Nixon was “Let us…,” which according to Will means, “For Pete’s sake, pull up your socks and shape up.” The…

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  • Bruton Parish Church Essay

    Bruton Parish Church has existed for 357 years, the longest standing structure in Colonial Williamsburg. It has connections dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, fully enveloping the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s mission statement “That the future may learn from the past”.Yet it gains no recognition. While the Magazine sparked the revolution, it had no impact past the first year of the war. But Bruton Parish Church has an amazing impact even after the Revolutionary war. This building definitely…

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  • Patrick Henry: A Brief Summary: Father Of America

    Henry was born in Hanover County, Virginia in 1736, to John and Sarah Winston Henry. A symbol of America's struggle for liberty and self-government, Patrick Henry was a lawyer, patriot, orator, and willing participant in virtually every aspect of the founding of America. Henry married Sarah Shelton in 1754, and after Sarah’s death, wed Dorothea Dandridge in 1777. With his two wives, he fathered seventeen children. John Henry, who had attended King's College, University of Aberdeen, educated…

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  • Research Paper About Fear

    Different Reactions to Fear “Fear is the foundation of most governments; but it is so sordid and brutal a passion, and renders men in whose breasts it predominates so stupid and miserable, that Americans will not be likely to approve of any political institution which is founded on it.” - John Adams, Letter to George Wythe, April 1776 Fear can not be recognized without some form of prior experience. To have never felt what fear is like is to have no reconciliation of it at all. No idea can…

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  • Whiskey Rebellion In The 1790s

    Whiskey rebellion also known as “Whiskey Insurrection” happened in the western Pennsylvania in the 1790s, during the presidency of George Washington. This was one of the huge conflicts that United States had to face after American Revolution. George Washington and many more people from federal government thought that the Whiskey Rebellion was the single most significant event in the history of the United States in the 1790s. This event caused many problems and issues for the people and…

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  • Critical Analysis Of A Sunday On La Grande Jatte

    I had to understand why Seurat used such a difficult technique for his work. I then came upon the theory that perhaps he wanted to produce a deeper sense of life in his paintings. All things in the world are composed of millions of cells, and these cells create objects, color, and everything that practically exists. I imagine that Seurat's motive was to utilize this scientific law in his work to give an atmosphere of life, texture, and movement in the scenes that he…

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  • Compare And Contrast Animal Farm And Lord Of The Flies

    I will be comparing Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord Of The Flies by William Golding. In a Lord Of The Flies, young boys get stranded on a island after their plane crashes. After the plane crashed the boys try to make life livable on the island, but two boys Ralph and Jack fight over who gets to be the leader of the island. Eventually Ralph and Jack go head to head about who gets to be leader, and Jack wins because all of the younger boys go to his side. In Animal Farm, Mr. Jones the owner…

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