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  • The Importance Of Service Dogs

    Humans have accomplished many goals through their advancements. People have come to the conclusion that not everything can be done by our own doings, other forms on earth play Dogs have heavily impacted the work forces of our American World. Since the early ages of World War I, Germans implemented War dogs before any other country. The United States had not reverted yet to this form of service in our military's; therefor, the only dogs that were apart of our team were the ones we captured from…

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  • The Importance Of Lunch

    My family has always had a dog, and I cannot understand how anybody could look upon their faces with disdain. Bella is my five-year-old Black Labrador Retriever, and she hates suitcases. The minute she hears the sound of the wheels rolling on the brown, hardwood floor, she perks her head up, bolts to my side, and begins to whine as if this is the last time she’ll ever see me. I don’t know what emotions…

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  • 5-Year-Old Dog Speech

    that the development of hip dysplasia in dogs is affected by nutritional status, genetics, and hormonal factors. Breed variations exist, with a higher frequency of disease observed in large and giant breeds, such as German Shepherd Dogs and Labrador Retrievers. Breed differences in the tolerance threshold of passive laxity for the development of osteoarthritis of the canine hip joint shows that genetic differences do exist among dogs. Besides hip dysplasia, stress and heavy work on joints also…

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  • Canines In Law Enforcement

    Canines are the unsung heroes of the policing and the public safety world. People often times refer to a dog as "man's best friend". Canines have been a part of human life since they were first domesticated several years ago. What makes these animals easy to train is their ability to learn fast, their adaptability to situations and their eagerness to please their masters. Canines are well-known for their strong sense of protection and loyalty. As much as the men and women of policing do to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Don T Bully My Breed

    Don’t Bully My Breed “Don’t bully my breed” is a rallying cry currently being used by animal rights activist to advocate for the end of breed discrimination against Pit Bulls and pit bull types. It is critical to understand what a Pit Bull is and what a pit bull type may be. Pit Bulls are known by two official breed names, the American Pit Bull Terrier or APBT, and as the American Staffordshire Terrier or Amstaff. These dogs are described in the Original Dog Bible as medium build dogs that are…

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  • Marley And Me Analysis

    incident, Bingo saves Chuckie but gets blown away by a bomb. Directed by Matthew Robbins, the movie is a definite emotional roller coaster. Marley and Me One of the most popular movies, Marley and Me revolves around the story of a delightful Golden Retriever that sticks to its owners through thick and thin, and becomes an indispensable part of the family over the years. The film gives the message that pets are a central part of the family, and when they leave, there's a void that cannot be…

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  • Serial Killer Research Paper

    Joe Ball, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper, Ted Bundy and Dennis Rader. What do these names have in common? Joe Ball is a Texan often referred to as “The Alligator Man”, and is suspected of murdering over 20 women in the early 20th century. Berkowitz is the infamous Son of Sam, is infamously known for killing more than eight victims in a single summer. Edmund Kemper, or the Co-Ed Killer started murdering when he turned 15 years old. Dennis Rader murdered ten people in Kansas in a span of 17 years.…

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  • Essay On Pit Bulls

    The Ultimate Deal on Pit Bulls Did you know that Pit Bulls are known as the “Jews of the canine world?” (Ingall). Pits bulls are hated for faulty reasoning, giving them the title of the “Jews of the canine world” (Ingall). There are many stereotype of pit bulls that lead to peoples reasoning for such hatred; they are unpredictable, dangerous, and vicious. Pit Bulls were originally breed to take down large animals, bulls in particular. When bull baiting became, illegal people turned to dog…

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  • Irish Terrier Essay

    IRISH TERRIER ORIGIN AND HISTORY The Irish terrier is one of the older terrier breeds. Its solid red coat and long, sleek body distinguish it from other terriers. Earlier Irish terriers were black and tan, grey and brindle with the solid reds appearing at the end of the 19th century. In 1879 Champions Erin and Kilney Boy appeared at a show in Glasgow and are considered the mother and father of the breed. During that era the Irish terrier was one of the most popular breeds both in England and…

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  • The Animal Welfare Act

    if she’ll ever have a home and family members. Molly is bruised and beaten to the bone with a limp that she cannot get rid of. While this may seem like the plight of an extremely poor individual, Molly is actually not a human at all. She is a labrador retriever. Every year, over seven million animals enter shelters. That number does not account for those animals who are left to survive on the streets. Even worse, the number of animal abuse cases seems to constantly fluctuate. On average, there…

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