Essay On Yorkies

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Yorkshire terrier A Yorkshire terroir, also called a yorkie, is a dog who requires lots of care and maintenance. They are big in personality even though they are small in size. They continue to be one of the most popular toy dogs because of their elegant looks and the perfect characteristics for urban life. Yorkies have many characteristic to living in a urban life. Yorkies adapt very well to living in an apartment because of they stay calm indoors and are quiet which helps with being polite to your neighbors. They do not like being alone because yorkies usually closely bond with their family and tend to get anxious when no one is there. It is best to keep them in a pin when you are gone so that there is no destruction. They are very affectionate when it comes to family and do well with kids. Yorkies usually have friendliness with other dogs and get along nicely with them. This will help when they are walked or when Yorkies are left with others dog. Their friendliness towards strangers depends on how they were raised and if they were exposed to people when they were younger. Yorkies do have lots of energy which makes them very playful and have high exercise needs. They need to be exercised by having a walk around the block or …show more content…
Yorkies are known for their blood pressure problems. One of the most common occurring diseases found in yorkies is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a very fast drop in blood pressure. It is treated by injections from the vet and always having a heating pad near them. Another popular disease in yorkies is legg-perthes disease. This happens when the hips receive low blood flow through them which can cause the legs to collapse. The only treatment is to remove the problem area which will then form a false joint. It will take a year to get back to normal after the surgery. They are also known for eye infections and problems with their

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