Persuasive Essay About Owning A Dog

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Everyone, single, couple, or family should have their very own pet dog because it carries with it not only health benefits but also has many other benefits that are sometimes often overlooked by humans. There are many positive reasons for owning a dog when one is single and needs a friend, as a pet for a family, or even a service dog which helps individuals and even up to large groups of people. Everyone should own a dog for a great multitude of reasons.

Owning a dog has many benefits concerning the individual such as helping to stop some addictions to easing everyday work pressures and even helping deal with rejection. First after a rejection or event such as a break up a dog can help renew one's sense of belonging. Second, they can help
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First puppy kisses will become your solution to everything, when your sad puppy kisses, when you are angry puppy kisses, when you are shriveled in a corner crying up because your deep internalized depression is starting to slip past you facade that you put on every day to try and convince yourself that you aren't depressed in the slightest, simple solution puppy kisses. Second, you can always dress your dog up for Halloween, everyone loves seeing a dog in a tuxedo or with a cute little hat on it why not use it to try and make some new friends on a dark night like Halloween. Lastly a lesser known one, dogs can bring out the caretaker in you. What this means is that dogs with their small faces and puppy dog eyes were specifically bred over thousands of years to spark the greatest response of wanting to care for them, which can potentially train one for future events such as the raising a tiny human. Overall though these might be some less important facts the statement they make show that owning a dog or puppy is a great idea for everyone.

Finally based on the information from the sites below and stated above there is only one clear conclusion to draw from this text, everyone should own a dog because it's good not only for them but for those around

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