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  • Pit Bull Reputation Essay

    Paul Eldridge once said “To judge a man’s character by only one of its manifestations is like judging the sea by a juge full of its water.” The meaning of Mr.Eldridge’s quote is that people usually judge things from what they can see, but they don’t see the whole picture. People are afraid of pit-bulls because of their reputation as fighting dogs. The only thing that they see is the strong looking dog and its lockjaw. In fact pit-bulls have been great family dogs for a very long time. Pit-bulls should be allowed as pets because they can be cared for like any other dog, they are loving companions, and they don’t deserve their poor reputation. To start off, pit bulls are just like any other breed of dog. Just like other dogs if pit bulls are ignored by their owner they will be uncontrollable, and could possibly hurt someone. Because of this their actions can’t be controlled due to the fact that they were never taught how to behave. When owners neglect their dogs the dog can go out of control and hurt someone, this is why owners should take the time to properly teach their dogs how to act. Furthermore, if a pit bull is not trained they have no boundaries so they will do as they please. The dog owners are responsible to train their dogs to obey and not harm others, or even themselves. Dogs are animals, and when animals are allowed to run free to do what they want they will be wild animals because they were never trained. As a dog owner, they need to be smart and responsible…

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  • Informative Speech On Mini Walrus

    And a quiet one, too because the Shar-Pei usually barks during playtime or when it senses danger. Mini Walrus personality As you can see, despite the way they look, these two dog breeds have similar traits. But what happens when we mix them? Just like the Basset Hound, the Ba-Shar is affectionate, loyal, good with kids, intelligent and goofy from time to time. It’s also stubborn and difficult to train just like the Basset and the Shar-Pei. That’s why it’s not recommended for first-time owners.…

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  • Wrinkle Face Short Story

    Our Chinese Shar-pei didn't have a name when we picked him out from the shelter. The staff was calling him Wrinkle Face. It suited him. A good samaritan had found him walking along the side of the road and brought him in out of the bitter cold. His folded skin gave him the appearance of being draped in a brown burlap sack and he had a nose like a hippo. He maintained a quiet dignity as he sat alone in his kennel, staring solemnly out the window that faced the highway. He was the only dog that…

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  • Why I Want To Go Back To School

    around the property. My grandma doesn't work anymore so she spends her free time outdoors making trails and getting rid of dead tree limbs. I would always drive the small tractor around that has a wheelbarrow thing attached to the end. I would go through the trails and collect fallen limbs and sticks. It was very boring. I did not like doing outdoor work because of bugs. I hate bugs with a passion. I’m not scared of them I just don't like the feeling of them on me. I hate it and do not…

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  • Analysis Of Jack Solomon's Masters Of Desire: The Culture Of American Advertising

    at the same time everyone wants to be better than the rest of the Americans. The Audi campaign utilizes images of both populism and elitism. Audi’s campaign demonstrates and elitist appeal with the scenario between the dog and the car. The primary image in the advertisement portrays a dog standing its ground as the Audi Q7 is stopped right in front of it. This intense angle is a symbol of dominance, for which the dog wants the car to know that there is no way that a vehicle will gain…

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  • Reflective Essay On My Cultural Identity

    anything for her, and always does the best he can to make sure she’s happy. They are adorable, and the best parents I could ever ask for. Now on to my pets. My brother found our turtle while he was with his buddies in Missouri. Ricardo was so tiny that he could fit inside a Gatorade bottle, but he has grown a bunch since then. We get him out of his tank every once in awhile to let him run around in the kitchen. He loves when we let him walk. My dog, Jasmine, is ten years old. I got her when I…

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