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  • Should People Be Allowed To Keep Pitbulls Essay

    People Should be Allowed to keep Pit Bulls Imagine if someone said that you were too violent to be around even though you never hurt a fly. Welcome to the daily life of America’s most misjudged dog, the pit bull. Pit bulls have a bad reputation because of the types of people who own them and how they are raised. Even though pit bull attack rates are much higher than other breeds does not mean banning them is the answer. A dog is never born mean, the attitude of the dog depends on their owner. So banning pit bulls from specific areas or states would not be fair, nor make much of a change. People should be allowed to keep pit bulls because they are no different compared to other breeds and they are not always mean. Comparing pit bull attacks to other breed attacks is not an accurate study. Pit bulls are one of the most well-known breeds in the world, so it would only make sense for their number of yearly attacks to be higher than less popular breeds (Opposing Views). Even though 232 Americans were killed by pit bulls in the years 2005 to 2015, does not make them the most dangerous breed (“Dog Bite Statistics”). When someone is attacked by a dog, they are worried about so many other things the exact breed cannot always be made out. Since pit bulls are well-known for being aggressive, a lot of times people will accuse the first breed they can think of, making all statistics highly flawed and inaccurate (“Dog Bite Law”). Pit bulls are often thought of to be the strongest dog…

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  • Similarities Between Wolves And Dogs

    between dogs and wolves. For one thing, dogs and wolves are the same species, meaning that a dog and a wolf can produce offspring capable of reproducing. Not only are dogs and wolves similar in appearance, (except when it comes to creatures like Shiz Tsus) but dogs and wolves exhibit similar social behavior. Therefore, is very likely that the first dogs were domesticated wolves, and the breeds we have today were entirely created by humans. What is a dog breed? It is a little more complex than…

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  • Why Captive Monogastric Animals

    practices mainly focus on maximizing productivity and minimizing costs without considering how the animals adapt to industrial like environments (Wiepkema, 1985). These environments do not allow the animal to engage in natural behaviours which would permit the stimulation of genetic behaviour patterns (Lewis, 1999). As a result, these housing practices that pigs are subjected to would cause them to perform vice behaviours (Wiepkema, 1985) since their innate behaviours cannot be executed. Breed…

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  • Traditional Cultural Values Of Traditional Heritage And Traditional Knowledge

    indigenous people have traditional songs, stories, legends, dreams, methods and practices as means of transmitting specific human elements of traditional knowledge. Sometimes it is preserved in artifacts handed from father to son or mother to daughter. In indigenous knowledge systems, there is usually no real separation between secular and sacred knowledge and practice - they are one and the same. In virtually all of these systems, knowledge is transmitted directly from individual to…

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  • Intragenic Recombination Essay

    The green revolution gene, Sd1, was involved the synthesis of GA and encoded gibberellin 20 oxidase (Sasaki et al. 2002). It is a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of gibberellin that catalysis the three steps GA53->GA44->GA19->GA20. Impaired GA20-oxidase activity will cause accumulate of the GA53 content, and reduced amount of GA20, resulted a decreased plant height . There are at least seven sd1 alleles have been used in the breeding of semi-dwarf rice varieties in China, USA and Japan…

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  • Coconut Oil Controversy

    Coconut Oils Controversy Coconut is one of the oil crops (plants that can be extracted into oils). In the past, Thai people used coconut oil as a fuel to light up the lamps, a substance in medicines, and an ingredient in Thai cuisine. However, in recent years, coconut was accused of being the cause of many serious illnesses, such as heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, etc. Many medical staff pointed that coconut milk and coconut oil should be avoided. Dr. Narong…

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  • Genetically Modified Corn Disadvantages

    Sometimes additional strategies are employed, such as using border strips around fields to trap pollen. 5. In what ways do the characteristics of today’s farm animals, such as cattle, pigs, and chickens, differ from those of earlier farm animals? What are the reasons for the differences? Modern Breeding and growth methods of Pigs Purebred production, or line breeding, is used to concentrate desired genes, for example, litter size or growth rate within a population of animals. White pig breeds…

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  • Pig Farming In South Asia

    BACKGROUND Pigs have been essential to human’s life even before wild animals were domesticated. Ancestors of pigs comes from Asia and Europe 25 million years ago, however its domestication pigs began 6000 to 8000 BC. Pigs were highly produced in Asia especially China which is the highest pig producer even currently. Pigs arrived in South Africa in in 1600’s with the European settlers. South Africa’s indigenous breeds are the Windsnyer (Ramsay, 2002). Breeds which are also found and commercially…

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