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  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's Role In The Civil War

    regiment, also known as the 20th Maine (Joshua Chamberlain World 1), on the second day of the battle, Chamberlain’s most worthy contribution was his regiment defense at Little Round Top. During the Battle of Gettysburg, the Union and Confederates were fighting for control of Little Round Top because Little Round Top was a critical location of the battle because of it’s elevation for the battle. This higher ground was important to control because it provided the soldiers with a view of the approaching enemy and allowed them to better prepare for incoming attacks. The side without the higher ground would most likely have more casualties and would quickly lose more men due to gun shots. Chamberlain’s regiment was up against Confederate General John B. Hood's attack (Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 1). Chamberlain’s regiment ran out of ammo, and he issued a bayonet charge, by running down the hill with bayonets, hoping to frighten the Confederate army and make them retreat, which would then knock out the opposing soldiers, securing General Meade’s incoming charge (Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 1). It was a huge gamble on Chamberlain’s part, because if he wouldn’t have succeeded the charge, that could have costed them having control of Little Round Top, and possibly the whole battle, which could have then gave the Confederates the victory of the Civil War. After Chamberlain’s heroic defense at Little Round Top, the Union army held the higher ground, thus making the outcome for a Union…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Highschool Cast System

    uncomfortableness around your peers with a sigh. They are not amused and have decided you are blacklisted from their social group. These are the elite, and only few can gain entry to this group during your first years of high school. The bell rings and you hastily move to history down the hall, ducking and dodging the herds of sheep who have nothing better to do than walk as a barricade in the hall, a single annoying organism. As you arrive you see a select few with the same interests as you.…

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  • Charlotte Malcolm: An Autobiography Of An Immigrant

    months before I was born my father was brutally terrorized and murdered. He and my mother had tried to escape and got caught. They made it as far as Birmingham, AL when Master caught up to them and had his dogs attack. Master John was what some considered a nice white man and treated us kindly. In return, all he stated was for no slave to escape or attempt to escape or they will be captured and killed. Even if he over heard someone making plans he would have one of his men tie them up to a tree…

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  • The Death Of Beauty In Louise Bogan's Medusa

    with “Everything moved.” You break out of the surreal moment when the author creates the setting and admiring the area then all of a sudden you break out of your reverie when the poem continues with the words “Everything moved.” The natural order of plants moving and flowing to the wind. The feeling of things being normal with everything moving and no sooner does everything start, there is stillness again as the poem continues with “a bell hung ready to strike.” It is as though the bell is…

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  • Beep Research Paper

    had to practice, to get ready for our test on Thursday. For 45 minutes straight I work on the practical work and wait until the next period. Then the bell finally rang and I make my way to the stair to go to the first floor. Step by step I make my way down and walk to Mr. Charnley class for college algebra. I walk to the second role last seat and say “hello” to Mr. Charnley. Then a student and I start a conversation and talk until the bell. Finally we start and Mr. Charnley teach us how to graph…

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  • The Bells Poem Analysis

    Life in “The Bells” Can life can be dissected then labeled by “bells, bells, bells”? Poe’s famous poem, “The Bells” is a highly symbolic masterpiece, that perfectly illustrates Poe’s concepts of the stages of life, as well as his dark and pessimistic outlook, and descent into depression. Through his varyingly dark diction, symbolism relating to aspects of life, his specific layout of the poem, Poe elucidates his shifting attitude towards the sound of a ringing bell. In “ The Bells” a range of…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

    on March 5, 1770, when I was walking down King street with my friend Henry. As were walking past the Custom House a young wig maker's apprentice walked up to a British soldier and insulted him because he had not payed for a wig. Another British soldier had walked out and scolded the young boy for disrespecting a British soldier. The boy exchanged insults with the soldier so he pulled out his musket and struck the boy on the side of the head. A stream of chills rushed through my body when I…

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  • Shining Library Book Report

    The bell rang, again and I grabbed my stuff and went straight to the science room. We’re doing a lab on growing different kinds of plants and seeing how tall they get each day. My headache got worse every 5 minutes. At least that’s what it felt like. When there were ten minutes left of science I asked my teacher, Mrs. Bobby, if I could go down to the office and get some tylenol. She said I could but come right back. I went down and told the secretary and she said that I didn’t have a fever. She…

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  • Radiant-Personal Narrative

    and the warm sun touching my skin, soothing. As a young child adventure taunted me, I explored every nook and cranny of my the neighborhood, finding secret places high up above in trees and low beneath the dark bushes. On warm cozy day in november, I fiercely knocked on the doors of the street looking for children…not an unripe soul. Sitting on my porch, I spotted an old pruned lady, I was always afraid of old women for reason I do not remember, however something about this one struck me as…

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  • Personification In The Poem Exposure

    soldiers were even brainwashed during the war. This interpretation of metaphor reinforces Owen’s description of soldiers’ mental afflictions by suggesting that the soldiers were Consequently, Owen uses personification to portray emotional destruction caused to soldiers. Furthermore, it hints at Owen’s anti-war feelings by introducing the reality of war as soldiers suffering from trauma rather than enjoying the glory mentioned in the propaganda. In one of his most famous poems, ‘Anthem for…

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