Humans And Dogs : The Relationship Between Dogs And Humans

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The relationship between dogs and humans is growing stronger every day. Dogs are good to be used as pets. There are many kinds of dogs like the German Shepard, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Poodle, and the Great Dane. All of these dogs have special talents and special ways of doing things. Wolves are related to dogs as well. Dogs know that Wolves are their Ancestors that like to live in the forest and in cold places. The types of Wolves are the Arctic Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, and the Tundra Wolf. In this lesson, it is time to learn how did all of these relationships come to be.
Before dogs ever came to this planet there was the wolf. Wolves have been around for sixty million years. After that, Humans have seen dogs and wolves as helpful Companions. In the Arctic, the humans that live there use the Arctic Wolves to get around in Antarctica. It will take up to 6 wolves to push one sleigh. Wolves are dangerous to some people, but some Wolves think humans are their friends. Dogs have many abilities to help out humans as well. Dogs can be really cool experts to everyone in this world. A Dalmatian is a dog with black and white on it. They are mostly used to help firefighters save people in a huge fire. A Poodle is a dog that loves to be cute all the time. Mostly a celebrity who's rich always has a Poodle with them. They always have to be dressed, clean, and tidy. Poodle's, allow you to groom them if they know you are very careful with their fragile fur. A

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