Lackland Air Force Base

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  • Essay On Military Attacks

    This morning, an airman on Lackland Air Force Base (AFB) just outside San Antonio, Texas shot and killed his squadron commander, then killed himself. At this time, it is unclear on the reasons for the incident. But it once again brings up the question, should military personal be allowed to be armed at all times to protect themselves? The active shooter incident on Lackland marks the 10th fatal shooting on a U.S. military installation in the U.S. since 2001. Of the 10, 3 have been confirmed as attacks by extreme Islamic jihadists. Some of those attacks were by military personnel themselves who converted to Islam. The following is a list of attacks on U.S. military installations inside the U.S. since 2001, excluding the one that took place today: 1.…

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  • Air Force Experience Essay

    I’ve had many positive experiences in my life, but my experience joining the Air Force and completing Basic Training had the greatest impact. I did not take high school seriously, because I signed to join the Air Force in my junior year of high school. Since I knew where I was going, I did not feel the need to apply myself in all my classes. I did just enough to graduate high school. Then September came, the month I left to Basic Military Training. During this time, I was broken down from the…

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  • Maintenance Services Case Study

    1.0 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The Contractor shall provide all labor, tools, equipment, test equipment, material, parts, transportation, personal protective equipment, clothing, hearing and eye protection (when required) including prescription safety glasses, and any incidentals necessary to provide a maintenance agreement on two (2) OCE Plotwave plotters. The plotters are used to print, copy, and scan drawings required per Air Force instructions to support the mission of the 402d Commodities…

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  • Job Analysis Assignment

    My father is the subject of this job analysis interview, and as of today he is currently 51 years old and put in 23 colorful and experienced years of service to the United States Air force. After many years of service he retired to a position as a government civil serviceman with an occupation as an Intelligence analysis at MacDill Air force base. Intelligence analysis is a very broad term that can mean many things for those who are unaware, which can lead to confusion. O*NET has done a very…

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  • My Life After Graduation

    The following is summary of my life after graduation. Right after graduating in 1963 John Callahan (Geibel High School class of 63) and I enlisted in the US Air Force. On the August 20th 1963 we left Connellsville for Lackland Airforce Base in Antonio TX for basic training. He and I ended up spending some of the hottest months of the year in Texas. I can still remember getting off the airplane in San Antonio at 3 AM and being shocked at the heat and humidity (~85 degrees). After our twelve weeks…

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  • Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower

    Air Power has become the dominant form of military power in our modern world. Through the years, airpower has made significant developments that have impacted our society in positive ways. Eddie Rickenbacker once said, “Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible." Changes in military aviation have occurred in an intense rapidity. Even so, civilian aviation has many breathtaking transformations over the last few decades. By recognizing how the history of…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Flight

    like a table instead of a mattress and a pillow made of coffee filters. Winter 2012 Getting off the plane wasn 't as hectic as the first hour in basic training. We didn’t have servants carrying our luggage to some extravagant mansion, but we didn 't have to make everything in a neat order immediately. Everything here was very bland, the tents were brown, the buildings brown, the dirt brown, the people brown. Although, it was a nice change of color compared to the gunmetal gray and blood red…

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  • Giulio Douhet: The Ideas Of The Theory Of Air Power

    “It may be said that Douhet was the theorist of the air power, Mitchell the publicist and catalytic agent, and Trenchard the organizational genius.” -Harry H. Ransom. Air power generates a new revolution in thought, making way for air power theorist like Giulio Douhet, Hugh Trenchard, and Billy Mitchell, and they established the basics of strategic, operational, and tactical employment that will generate influences until our time. The airpower theorists over emphasized the long range…

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  • Douhet, And Trenchard's Analysis

    their prophecies that air power alone could win a war; “the bomber will always get through” even without support of fighter escort; and that the bomber would be able to attack adversaries’ vital centers with high altitude precision bombing turned out to be false. Despite of excessive aerial bombing of vital centers, cities and industrial facilities,…

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  • Sexual Assault In The Military Essay

    could not consent. The term describes completed and attempted oral, anal, and vaginal penetration with any body part or object, and the unwanted touching of genitalia and other sexually-related areas of the body. Consent is a sober, voluntary, and wanted verbal mutual agreement of sexual actions. It cannot be legally given while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even if two people are married, one cannot give consent if they are not sober. Sexual assault is more than just penetration…

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