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  • Lacrosse In America Essay

    Did you know the first sport played in the Americas was lacrosse? The game of lacrosse can be considered as the oldest sport in the Americas. The sport of lacrosse has been around since the Native Americans freely roamed the Americas. The sport was not always just for fun, it also had spiritual and traditional aspects to it. The Indians believed that lacrosse was the “Creator’s Game”. The game was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop stronger men for battle. The goaltender now plays a much more important role in the game because the game has morphed into an almost different sport. There were not nearly as many rules as there are now. There was no set of universal rules but instead, the rules would be drafted and agreed upon before the game started. There were usually no rules besides the ball cannot be played with their hands. The Indian would gather different tribes to play one another, there were two teams that could be made up of as little as a hundred to as many as several thousand men. The object of the game was simply to put the ball between two trees . Since there were so many people in the match it difficult to set up plays and play settled, players would just mob around the…

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  • Lacrosse Research Paper Topics

    Period 5 CP English 11 Mr King Lacrosse The game of lacrosse dates back to before most sports. The game was originally played by the Native Americans in the North American continent. This sport has evolved over time and has dramatically changed the intent and strategies of the game. The game has grown so much since it was founded . This game is played on a much larger scale now. Teams compete all over the USA and the world. Most players have forgot the meaning of the game and what it was…

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  • History Of Lacrosse Research Paper

    The History of Lacrosse Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports still being played to this day. The history of lacrosse dates back to the early 16th century around 400 years ago. Lacrosse was first played by the Native American more specifically the Algonquian tribe. The game was played in the St. Lawrence River Valley area first and then spread to the other tribes from the east to west. The game wasn’t only meant to toughen up young warriors for war but also for “fun and spritual reasons”…

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  • Jury Decision Making Case Study

    their own tests. Another evidence piece was information from the players’ cell phones. The records showed the contradictions to the victim’s accusations, thus making them false. Also, the owner of the house where the party was hosted was accused of the crime due to the DNA found in his residence. 2. Discuss the photo drop, the problems with it and how should it have been done better. The photo drop included only lacrosse players, without any non-suspect fillers. The victim identified some…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Job At Buscom Consulting

    I am looking forward to starting my new job here at BusCom Consulting. Before I begin my work I would like to introduce myself to you. My Background I was born and raised in Springfield, Pa, which is a small town in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I have a deep love for the city of Philadelphia, and I am a fan of the Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies. I live with my parents, as well as my younger brother and sister. I have played organized sports all my life, including dance, soccer, track, and…

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  • Most Dangerous Game Narrative

    I gripped my lacrosse stick like a blanket on a cold winter night, scared down to my bones about what I was about to do. I peeked the back door open to see if anyone was watching, but I knew that no one would be up at this time of night. I grabbed my backpack from the table and quickly ran out the door toward the woods not sure what was lurking in its darkness. I ran through the trees as briskly as I could, nimble on my feet. I knew no one could catch me now, no one knows what I’ve done. I was…

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  • Essay On Lacrosse

    Lacrosse is known as one of the most electrified sports in America. It has been a fast-growing and popular game for the past several centuries. This sport consists of a huge field where two teams of ten players compete against each other to score points by throwing a ball into the goal with a stick or known as the Crosse. Lacrosse is a game full of high-intensity tempo, massive physical contact, and strategy. It is a sport combined by other sports such as hockey, basketball, and soccer.…

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  • The History Of Lacrosse

    Lacrosse is sport played with a stick with a net on the end and a rubber ball the size of a tennis ball. Its name originally was just stickball before it was changed later on. The sticks used to be made out of wood, but now it can also be from plastics to all sorts of metal. They can also vary in size from a yard to two yards depending if you’re on offense, defense, or the goalie. The ball used to be made out from deerskin, clay, stone or wood, but thankfully it’s not as heavy now as before.…

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  • Why Is Someone Important To You Essay

    I talked to some people that I knew were playing lacrosse and told them that I was going to play. The first person that I told was my friend, Mike. Ironically, I met Mike, a kid who was my height and had very curly hair, at a basketball camp that my high school was hosting during the summer. I told him that I was a bit nervous, but he told me to not worry and that he would teach me some of the basics. I also told my other friend, Collin, a goalkeeper who was 6 feet tall, that I was going to play…

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  • Essay On The History Of Lacrosse

    The origin of lacrosse begins with Native American Indians and was originally called stickball. The game was played at St. Lawrence Valley and could last several days. They were played on large areas of land between villages, trees, and other natural resources were used as goals, these goals could range from 500 yards apart to several miles apart. There was no limit to how many players were allowed to play, It is estimated that there were 100 to 1,000 players in the game. Players were not…

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