Classification Essay About Dogs

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Dogs are known as man’s (or woman’s) best friend because of their loyalty and compassion toward their owners. As there are billions of people around the world of different cultures and nationalities, there is also a great magnitude of dog breeds, ranging from pretentious full breeds to pleasurable mixed breeds with a few irresolute mutts in the mix. These dogs also have varying personalities and appearances, depending on their ages and breeds. As no dog looks or acts the same, each dog has a story of how it came about into the homes of which it belongs. Nobody knows a dog better than its rightful owner, who could write an entire essay solely for the purpose of classifying dogs on their age, history, appearance, and personality. My three dogs, Zoey, Gabby, and Rigby, can be classified according to these characteristics. My first and oldest dog, Zoey, is twelve years old. We brought her home in the middle of the winter from friends of my parents who gave us the dog …show more content…
My mom read an ad in the paper which described free puppies at a home out in the country. We went to go check them out, and it was a very sad environment with cages of crowded puppies who just wanted a home and love. The dogs were all very mixed breeds, each part Coonhound, Beagle, and others. My mom let us take one home, so we chose Gabby because she looked the coolest. Gabby has a white body with different sized black spots. Her head is mostly brown with black parts around her ears and a lot of white hairs due to aging. Half of her body has white toenails and white whiskers while the other side has black toenails and black whiskers. She is a very dominant dog and growls when other dogs get attention. Otherwise, she sits quietly and rests under my bed a lot. Gabby has been known for starting hostile fights with the other dogs when she beings to feel less superior than them. Mostly she goes for the puppy who gets the most attention of them

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