Reflection Of A Guide Dog Essay

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Guide dogs are trained from the day they are born. The Guide Dogs foundation trains these dogs, mainly golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, a mix of both of those, and poodles. These dogs are trained to aid the blind veterans and military personnels. They are trained to replace a cane, give them comfort, keep calm around other people, and more. Guide dogs as puppies are brought into a foster home. With this they are socialized with people from different ages and different animals. All of this training helps with going around in stores or parks with there future owner. When the dogs are placed into a home, it takes a lot of time and thought. When a dog is placed, the first thing that happens is the candidates for a guide dog take a survey about their daily life. After this, they are introduced to the available dog and are given a trial dog that they train with for a week or two. At the end of all this, they are placed with the dog that has a similar personality to them.

Backward-Looking Reflection:
I knew a lot about guide dogs and the charity fair project before this. I know a lot about dogs and before this I already knew the process of placing a dog. I also knew how guide dogs helped blind people in their daily lives. For the charity project, I have done this project last year but not the same way. Obviously, we did this in one
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I feel like its inevitable to do something completely different as someone else unless you didn't read the directions. The only way we worked differently from others was the fact that we had done things so last minute. Alex and I have completely different schedules so we couldn't find a time to work on things unless it was really late at night. This made it so that when we were able to work together we had a lot of work to do in a little time. I found that everyones work and final product was a lot alike even though the work processes were so

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