Labrador Retriever Test

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There have been numerous situations that have utilized my character and intelligence in the decision making process. However, a decision that I made during a hunt test with my Labrador retriever demonstrated important decision making skills whilst utilizing my character and intelligence. To commence, a hunt test is a competition in which your dog fetches game birds shot by a hunter. However, a hunt test incorporates agility and obedience throughout the competition, and dogs are scored according to these factors. At age 15, I decided to pursue my junior handler’s title. This prestigious title is achieved by successfully passing 3 hunt trials. Our inaugural test started well, with courses that were easy to master. Henceforth, giving insight on how hunt tests operate, and instilling confidence within me to pursue …show more content…
I commanded him to heel and sit then signaled to the judges that I was ready to commence. The judges nodded and released the bird. After the bird was shot, a judge vociferated “dog!” and I released Chassis with a shout of his name. Chassis leapt into the water, appearing to know the exact location of the bird. Suddenly, I observed his line of sight was obstructed by an island within the pond, causing him to veer off course. This is where my character and intellect was put to the test. It is second nature to want to correct the dog by means of getting his attention, however utilizing the knowledge of my dogs training; I concluded that allowing him to continue his course, relinquishing his full attention on finding the downed bird. I utilized aspects of my character to my advantage in this situation, optimism and patience. By utilizing these two characteristics, I was able to think clearly, therefore not make rash decisions. Meanwhile, Chassis desperately searched the water for the bird; without warning he locked in on the bird’s exact location and fiercely swam towards it ultimately retrieving his

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