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  • Saving Dogs: Border Collies

    Border Collies Border Collies are not only beautiful dogs, but they are quite intelligent and a very useful breed. These dogs are a very famous breed that can be used as a working herding dog, or just simply as a household pet. This breed has a history of working in fields herding livestock, but it has evolved into more than that. They have very distinct traits and features that makes it such a useful dog. The intelligence of the breed also allows them to have uses with skills such as agility…

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  • Similarities Between German Shepherd And Jack Russell Terrier

    Choosing a Puppy It is the holiday season and time to find that perfect present for the kids. Smartphones, IPODs, clothes, shoes, and money are the easy choices. A choice that requires more thought and research before purchasing would be a puppy. Your son wants a big dog and the girls a little one, which do you choose? All puppies are cute, lovable, bundles of fur but the similarities end there. There are many breeds of puppies and each has significant differences. For example the German…

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  • Construction Worker Observation

    Oddly, the group I analyzed was mixed with all kinds of different people. These contrasting personalities all bonded over the one thing they all had in common: their dogs. Even if they had a dog entirely opposite of another, they still found a common topic that had to do with their canines. The diverse range of people who attend the dog park was tremendous. A conversation between two people that stood out the most to me was between a hippie and a construction worker. The construction worker…

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  • John Grogan Character Analysis

    The most memorable books are those with memorable characters. The most loved characters are those that leave an impact on readers. Being able to identify with the characters allow the readers to feel as if they’re on a journey. Therefore, characters have the ability to change readers’ lives. Authors will often fill their stories with powerful characters to create an unforgettable book. This is exactly what John Grogan did when creating Marley and Me. The book is full of his family members and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dog Training

    When we come to pet training, dog training strikes us first. Dogs are mainly trained to obey their master, work on farms, detect drug or other illegal items. But, no training is species specific but is concept specific. So, cats can also be trained. If you approach your cat with a positive, encouraging and cheering attitude, you can make it learn almost all commands. A reward-based training can serve your purpose. If you are a new pet parent, you can start with training your cat to sit, roll,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Dogs And Cats Essay

    The standard American Dream is a house with a white picket fence, two kids, and a yard for the dog to play in. If you drive through any neighborhood, that is most likely what you will see; however, peeking through the curtained windows you may also see a few feline friends. Although cats are becoming more popular, dogs are still man’s best friend. Nobody will be more loyal, understanding, or affectionate than your dog. Cats may be right for some people, but nothing makes a rough day at work…

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  • Personal Narrative-Footprints On Our Hearts

    Footprints on Our Hearts My husband and I were walking down 2nd street in Long Beach one Saturday with our Husky Kaya and Labrador Kaylee when I noticed a young girl and her mother walking towards us. The young girls ' eyes were full of excitement as she saw our dogs and began to run towards us. I watched as her mom yelled for her to stop and could see the dismay and anxiety in her eyes as she watched her daughter running towards us. The girl stopped and slowly walked back to her mom and after…

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  • Essay On Husky Grooming

    Suggested Title: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Husky Grooming! Suggested Title: How to Groom a Siberian Husky? Suggested Title: The Ultimate Guide to Husky Grooming! Despite their thick double coats, Siberian Huskies are very easy to groom and only need to be bathed 1 -2 times a year unless they have rolled in dirt. Yet, the thought of tackling the mounds of hair they shed is enough to send most pet owners scampering for cover. So, here is a look at how to groom a Siberian husky and…

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  • Being A Service Dog Essay

    There are very dogs that are capable of succeeding in Service Dog work. Although temperament is important, factors such as health, structure and genetics affect the rate of failure. This is why service dogs are often sought out through reputable breeders for a complete history of the breed’s line. When evaluating dogs from a shelter for Service Dog work, you must look for factors that would disqualify the dog. For example, traits such as fear, aggression and timidity would not be appropriate…

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  • Eight Elements Of Critical Thinking Analysis

    There is no way around thought, it occurs every moment people are awake and determines their actions and who they are as individuals. As people are exposed to new and even old ideas, it is important to identify the logic in them. It is important to evaluate the validity of these ideas even if they are personal. Oftentimes people carry bias although they may be unaware of them, may lack information, or be distorted through misinformation ( Eider & Paul, 2007, p.62 ). This type of thinking can be…

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