Persuasive Essay: The Banning Of Pitbulls

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When we ask other people what their favorite type pet is, many of them respond by saying, A dog. Over the past generations, dogs have indeed become an increasingly popular pet, especially in Western countries where they even out populate children. This, however, has led to a new, gruesome catastrophe: dog attacks. Throughout the past decade, people have progressively fallen prey to more dog attacks, mostly in part to Pit bulls. Many people, galvanized by these circumstances, are calling for a solution. Although countless citizens feel the necessity to reduce the number of dog attacks by banning Pit bulls, all Pit bulls should receive an opportunity to live considering the behavioral influence by their environment, benignity, and their beneficial …show more content…
Today, we train an innumerable amount of Pit bulls to complete a wide variety of job-related tasks. A multitudinous amount of these dogs do not just serve as family companions, but also as search and rescue dogs that find missing children and lost dementia patients, seizure watch dogs, diabetic alert dogs, and they comfort nursing home residents. Along with a plethora of other services to their human counter parts, Pit bulls even help youngsters become stronger readers, for many kids with reading impairments do not want to read to an adult but they will to a dog. This depicts that Pit bulls provide humans with a superabundance of benefits. Through eradicating Pit bulls, we are harming more than just family companions; we are maltreating a much larger number of citizens that these dogs help, as oppose to attack. Additionally, banning Pit bulls will not decrease the number of dog bites nor the number of dog rings. In the past when cities and even countries banned Pit bulls, the number of dog bite incidents increased. Likewise, the number of dog rings will not decrease. If Pit bulls are taken away, dog rings will fill the role with another breed, ultimately destroying that breed like the Pit bull. In these example, both citizens and dog breeds suffer, showing that riding a community of Pit bulls serves to create more downside than upside. Moreover, banning pit bulls will cause cities to

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