The Importance Of Banning The Breed Ban

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Any dog owner and lover would agree that their pets are like family. Each animal with their own personality, responses, and temperament. Breed specific legislation, or breed banning is an ordinance passed by local government basically banning a specific breed or group of breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous.

I strongly believe that banning specific dog breeds is not an effective way for keeping the public safe from dog bites or attacks. The ban does not notice differences in each dog 's temperament, or behavior displayed by individual dogs, but instead groups all dogs of specific breeds as dangerous. Breed banning does not control the problem of dangerous dogs due to the fact that laws are written to target specific breeds instead of targeting the
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Irresponsible breeding plays a huge role in the temperament and the aggression level of any dog. Not just pit bulls. Control over unnecessary and irresponsible breeding would be a step in the right direction, along with mandatory spay and neuter laws, and leash laws.

Pit bulls and pit bull type dogs may be the victim of a ban no matter what their personal temperament is. Under breed laws, dogs are not observed as individuals, but are stereotyped as a whole as dangerous. Ontario, Canada passed a breed ban that banned pit bulls, even though studies showed that German Shepherds held the top spot for bites. I have been bitten by only two dogs in my 24 years, an Akita and a German Shepherd. Both are considered "not a threat" under most breed restrictions.

Banning a specific type of dog will not eliminate a dog aggression problem. Educated, responsible owners in control of their pet is the key to public safety from dangerous dogs. Owners who keep always keep their dogs on leashes in public and kept in their own fenced

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