Purpose Of Terrorism

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Terrorism today is one of the world 's complex problems. The last two and half decades in many countries of the world are grappling with this problem. But the problem is increasing day by day. The reason for this distorted mentality of some people. The purpose of terrorism is to spread fear among the people and to publicize their vote through violence. People who work for this purpose called them terrorists. Terrorism is a major problem in the world 's current problems. It is a man-made problem which is loathsome nature. It has lost millions of the world 's human. Children, youth, aged let anyone targeting terrorists.
The old form of terrorism was different. Rob substance of the people, inflict damage to places of worship, etc. and assertiveness
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Several types of terrorist attempt to spread terror. Murder of politicians, ambassadors, kidnap innocent people captive in front of government keep its unreasonable demands, aircraft hijackings, bombings in crowded places, railway lines plate remove the fish, mix poison in the water of wells, etc., bank robberies are many other functions, which are involved in terrorist activities.
 The purpose of terrorism: - purpose of sight terrorist activities can be divided into two categories: (a) positive (b) negative.
(A) Positive Terrorism - Terrorism that is positive, do not pollute the purpose. Foreign power to free his country from the terrorist activities of the same type. India 's revolutionary, off Ireland, Palestine, South Africa 's terrorist can be placed in the same category. But for good purposes, we do not approve of any terrorist measures. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had said that to achieve good objectives should adopt good instrument itself. Peaceful and non-violent means will only lead to lasting achievements.
(B) Negative Terrorism - Terrorism that is negative, a dissident faction of a country other than the country or the race, seeking to establish a separate state tactics to terrorize the country and the society. Falls into the same category of Punjab terrorism, spread your
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• The belief that violence or the threat of its effect is beginning to change. Another way of saying this is that belief to justify violent means is adopted. History shows that many militants honestly say that they had no choice. Long deliberation they thought they forced him to choose violence. The causes of terrorism are very difficult to be accepted as explanations. These reasons seem far easier and are still very theoretical.
• Based on these two elements widely on you a terrorist organization by looking at his or her group can get the conclusion that these are the foundation of

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