Cyber-Terrorism And Terrorism

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Terrorism cannot be defined by one uniform definition. There are many different circumstances the prevent this. Each terrorist group has their own set of ideals, customs, means and motives. The reason they carry out criminal acts is because they believe they have been wronged. In the eyes of the organization, the only thing that will fix the injustices brought upon the is a public display of violence. Any act that has the following components may be labeled and terrorist attack: premeditation, political motivation, violence, and the act must have been committed against victims who did not warrant or provoke the attack (Schmallger. 2015. p 574). Because of the different motives for terrorist organizations, there are different types of terrorism. …show more content…
Cyber-terroism is fairly new and often is a part of other types of terrorism. According to Francis (2013), most cyber terrorist activity occurs in Eastern Europe. While cyber-terroism has the potential to cause significant harm, most hackers lack the funding to launch a large scale attack. The most prevalent cyber-terrorists groups are actually governments. Governments hack into another government 's files to steal information such as defense plans. This is the main goal for government hackers. Other hackers who commit cyber-terrorism of try to cause panic and chaos. Most of these hackers are individuals or small group with not known ideology. One group known as Anonymous is one of the most infamous groups In the United States. They have attacked government computers for the sake of making a point. Hackers have begun to dabble in organized crime. This makes them dangerous because they are willing to help other terrorist groups so long as it is for the right …show more content…
They will use these attacks to bring to light a social or political objective through force. The most well know groups that fall into this category are Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Both groups are jihad or Islamic extremists. Many Islamic nations have their civil law tightly interwoven with the laws of their religion. Often times the laws are one and the same. The laws of Islam are called Hudud which are considered crimes against God. These laws force its worshiper to adhere to strict morale conduct. Those who do not will be severely punishes. Some groups take these laws so seriously that anyone who does not worship Islam is to convert or die. These groups have worked together in the past. Al-Qaeda was founded by Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s. This was the group responsible for flying two planes on the World Trade Centers, and another plne into the pentagon on September 11, 2001. It has been since this day that American have lived in constant fear of terrorists attacks. The US is currently fighting a “war against terror” with groups such as these. The Taliban was formed in the 1990s. The Taliban was originally formed to keep the Soviets out of Afghanistan. The group gained support because the people of Pakistan liked the fact that they had structure. They would come to realize that this structure would be harsh and totally out of their control. They began

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