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  • Gymnosperms Research Paper

    II. Nature is not a Museum The gymnosperms are often called ‘Living Fossils’, or are dismissed as being primitive. Gymnosperms are indeed ancient: originating in the carboniferous period (Bowe, Coat, & dePamphilis, 2000). They can be divided into four monophyletic groups: ginkophytes, gnetophytes, cycads, and the largest of the four (with more than 600 extant species), conifers. Conifers account for the greatest diversity amongst the gymnosperms. This diversity might pale in comparison to that of the angiosperms, but a group can have biological importance without being speciose. From an ecological point of view, gymnosperm success is in fact comparable to angiosperms, as gymnosperms are thriving in important niches across latitudes. This is…

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  • The Daintree Rainforest

    The Daintree is one of the only habitats for the endangered Southern Cassowary. There are a lot of cassowaries in the Daintree. the Echidna has a wide distribution of its kind, including the tropical rainforest. the Echidna has strong, sharp spines over the body, and strong, short legs with long claws for digging, and a long sticky tongue for feeding. It feeds on ants, TERMITES and beetle larvae from the soil. Beetles are very important in the rainforest for decomposition.There are a large…

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  • De Extinction In Jurassic Park

    causes of extinction itself, later noting that the benefits of de-extinction “will not compensate for the thousands of populations and species that have been lost due to human activities.” Ehrlich poses a valid point - by funneling time, money and resources into de-extinction, less attention is paid to other areas of conservation, and as a result, important issues are deprived of the resources they need. This potential mis-allocation of resources is especially worrying when one considers the…

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  • Segmentation Criteria Of The Target Market

    in these activities. Many people think that this use is incorrect and that the media is treated as a plural media has shown keen interest in these events. • The owner or agent of mail, email and phone lists. Mailing Lists Online successfully injected the first Australian online portal for the small business owners to purchase and download on the mail. The new site will allow small business to grow on a small budget using the principle of direct marketing. •sales representative: Retail sales…

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  • ALS Classification

    offspring has to develop Familial ALS in their lifetime. Around twenty percent of these cases that people are diagnosed with have a mutation in their gene that codes for the protein Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase. This gene is known for being located on chromosome twenty one. People that are diagnosed with Familial ALS are known for having sensory loss, but that is the only difference found between Familial and Sporadic on a neurological exam (ALS Research Collaboration 2014). The third…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation In The Cretaceous Period

    and hydrate yourself along the way. 5. Accommodation and living conditions As you are on a shoestring budget, just pack along your sleeping bags and poncho mats. While bringing a tent is favourable for your comfort, it may be heavy to carry around so consider sleeping on the ground in your sleeping bag and build up a small tent for shelter using your poncho mats and poles and vines that you can find around. Remember to collect as much wood as you can to make shelter and start fire for…

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