Sauropoda Research Paper

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Sauropoda For my dinosaur, I chose to research the Sauropoda. According to scientists, the Sauropoda was thought to be alive during the late Triassic period, which was roughly 65 million years ago. As a result of scientist’s theories, they believe that the Sauropoda was killed of at some point during the cretaceous period. Sauropoda means,”Lizard footed”. Because scientist have found more and more information about these dinosaurs, they are still coming up with different theories. The Sauropoda had a very long neck to help them reach different plants and trees. They also had very small brains and blunt teeth. These particular dinosaurs had very large stomachs. The large stomachs were necessary when eating because the Sauropoda only ate plants. Because of their blunt teeth, it allowed them to chew the plants fully. According to scientists, the Sauropoda walked very slowly because they had four short legs which had five toes on them. The sauropoda had nostrils that were located on the top of their skull often by the eyes. Often …show more content…
Scientists believe that one of the main foods that they ate was Conifers. From what many scientist have thought about, they most likely ate Conifers often because that was one particular plant that grew rapidly around the area they lived. Ginkgos, seed ferns, cycads, bennettitalean, ferns, club mosses, and horsetails were other possible choices of what the Sauropods may have eaten. Sauropods had to have large necks in order to reach the tip tops of the trees to eat. The largest one they believe is forty six feet long. According to scientist, these animals were widespread. With remains of bones or footprints we can see just how long they may have been alive. Scientist believe that they have found bones and footprints on all of the continents except Antarctica. In addition to their wide geographic distribution, sauropods are one of the most long-lived groups of dinosaurs, spanning some 100 or so million

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