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  • Cyborg Athletes

    Sports: Cyborg Athletes versus Able-bodied athletes In sports there are always rules and regulations to what an athlete can ingest or use. They create these rules and regulations so competitors don 't have a physical or psychological advantage over their competition. These restrictions usually pertain to illegal drugs and substances that would give that athlete a boost in their performance. Prosthetics and technological enhancements should be considered as a restriction, considering it is an advantage just like illegal drugs and the substances. A major argument is whether athletes with prosthetics or technological enhancements should be able to fully participate in a competitive sport with regular athletes. These enhancements can possibly give that athlete an advantage or possibly even a disadvantage while playing other athletes. There are many concerns that need to be…

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  • Ordinary People In The Elevator

    But this ideology is as dangerous as driving while only looking in the rear-view mirror, instead of looking straight at what’s ahead of you (Warwick 2). Look at Instagram for example. It retrieves the nostalgic feeling of Polaroid cameras. Hall: Okay. But that’s just your interpretation of the world. At least with the mass communication model the results make sense and are one of: Dominant, Negotiated, or Oppositional.(Chandler 2). Like my oppositional view of technological determinism (Bal,…

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  • Benefits Of Bionics

    Steele’s original works, but i believe it came more out of the lack of a word for what they were portraying. What was the word for a humanbeing being given tech implants. The term “Cyborg” originates in the title of a book a few years after “bionics” is coined, and is largely based on the research surrounding it. I might think now that this two way meaning for the term “Bionics” is perhaps just a more modern definition, for design to now work in both directions, to both take and give to nature. …

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  • Definitions Of Cyborgs

    What makes somebody a cyborg? In today’s society science has evolved to new heights than ever before. With this evolution we see an entire new wave of technology being used to help people in revolutionary ways. The current definition for a cyborg is “a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.” (cyborg Def. 1). However, in our beloved Eastern Commonwealth we have grown to define them as something different. Instead of looking at…

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  • Research Paper On Prosthetics

    When someone uses the term “prosthetics”, what is the first thing to come to mind? Is it an advanced robotic arm, or a simple plastic prosthetic hand, no more complicated than a mannequin’s? These shouldn’t necessarily be such opposites, but it is almost certainly true that the latter is more common than the former. Prosthetics have come an extremely long way since their induction. Pirates and peg legs tend to give us a reminder of how far we’ve come since the dark times where a prosthetic was a…

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  • Cyborg Reflection Paper

    DOCUMENTARY REFLECTION. Your brain and your body don’t need to be the same place. What are the implications of this idea and where do you see the future of cyborg technology taking us? Consider this question from multiple categories and come up with examples of each: social, military, crime, medical. If you look at the history of human culture, most of our technology was created with the purpose of making something easier. But recently we’ve been moving in a new direction, instead of creating…

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  • A Cyborg Manifesto Analysis

    is only a special who is below, or not equal to, the humans who were unaffected by the dust. However, if we take into account the organism/machine binary from Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto,” he is actually more “human” than the non-specials. This organism/machine binary is the relationship that humans and other living beings have with technology. In A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway, she claims, “ we are all chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism; in short,…

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  • Ghost In The Shell Cyborg Analysis

    Cyborgs throughout science fiction have been presented in a variety of ways- from their appearance to the purpose of their existence; their plasticity enables them to serve as allegories of race, society and politics that concern both the present and the future. Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell uses the cyborgs to create these allegories by bringing forward the binaries of the East/West, white/non-white and the male/female. By examining how these binaries are presented in Ghost in the Shell, we…

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  • A Cyborg Manifesto Character Analysis

    Like how some Overwatch characters personify Haraway’s boundary breakdowns, one Overwatch character, “Genji,” personifies Haraway’s cyborg metaphor. Not only is Genji’s character design that of an actual cyborg, but his backstory also reflects Haraway’s description of the cyborg. Therefore, Genji acts as the literal representation of Haraway’s metaphor. In “A Cyborg Manifesto,” Haraway says that cyborgs “are the illegitimate offspring of militarism and patriarchal capitalism.” It is important…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of We Are All Cyborgs

    Technology has changed our society forever, but it has also disconnected us. In “We Are All Cyborgs Now”, a Ted Talk by Amber Case explains how humans have become Cyborgs, and how disconnected people are from physical human interaction. She explains how technology has evolved since the early years, to the present and how it keeps changing vastly. Amber Case’s stage presence seemed reserved at first, but after a few laughs she lightens up and is possessed by a super confidence feeling. Amber Case…

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